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  1. Dont show priest and necromancer leave something for surprise too.:)
  2. After update i go buy coca-cola and drink it:D I gonna make necromancer8)
  3. blue eye drops weapons and red droparmors:)
  4. my crit is 1127 sometimes
  5. hytt123

    Rogue skill setup

    i have: 5 gouge 5 merciless strike 5 Stealth I think its good for arena and just good for killing elfs:D.
  6. Blades and daggers look so awsome, i want them:D
  7. Exhalation of darkness: Gives the darkness of their weapons. The next attack will cause damage with magic and stun the target for several seconds. Threads of darkness: Deathknight calls the dark threads that bind the enemy and move him to the Deathknight location. Look gool skills:)
  8. Please add more space at party, like in old version (8slot) good:).
  9. Now i like ROGUE:)But if new update come then i like necromancer and deathknight.:)
  10. in 3.0 update evry one get new skill ,like paladins have:)
  11. That update make's game more gooler!!!It does not make it boring!:!:D
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