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  1. When i did that quest then there was 4-5 pt :wacko: we use trick: all go at same time and dont sleep 8)
  2. I let elfs kill beholder,noooooo :facepalm: i love to kill beholder's tanker >:D
  3. Here you can say something what u think what will be gool to add update ::)
  4. There r many skills to see rogue in stealth mode so dont cry lol :crazy:
  5. can i take picture from my little brother,he wants to be 'superstar' :rofl:
  6. I need to take picture when i play warspear? :unknw: I do understand :crazy:
  7. Ok and use some good music for it :pardon:
  8. Shaman wins 8) and druids go :bomb: muhahahaha >:D
  9. not two-party maybe 5 :blush:
  10. I use Nokia xpress music 5800, Samsung galaxy mini S5570 and Samsung galaxy Y S5630 8)
  11. :facepalm: Shield skill is for poor guys :lol: :lol:,Priest looks awsome but Necro will be BETTER :dirol:
  12. Dark Arrow: Creates a sharp arrow from the clot of darkness. Runs it and does damage to one enemy with magic. and Fear: Leads fear to the one enemy. Frightened creature starts rush randomly on the location. Easy to kill others >:D
  13. Druids on arena :dirol: i love it :spiteful:
  14. All my friends r in firstborn :facepalm: They say there r easy quests :crazy: but i NEVER go to firstborn!!
  15. Hope it will come fast :pleasantry:,just cant wait :spiteful:
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