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  1. We saw cc island but we can see fc island :bad:
  2. Hope it will come fast i just cant wait :bomb:
  3. Add me to clan :) Hytt,lvl20
  4. Lol look your Kamp-riff its veryhard for shamans and some barbs :facepalm:
  5. Many ppl r stop to play that game till update :wacko: Why r u so evil Kuz? >:D ;D
  6. Wtf no update :facepalm:,how much more we need to wait? :wacko: Next info about fc island then info about weapons and then update? Please leave something for surprise too :nea:
  7. Only mobs r gooll.Nice place for little kids and girls :spiteful:
  8. Lets see what class will be most popular and why 8)
  9. My sword was +5 and i use 50 signs to get it +8 :facepalm: pls fix it :'(
  10. Why u gave your acc info to him?
  11. I buy pots and signs with mircle coins :pardon:
  12. Eat shit lol :bomb: why dontremove firstborn 8)
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