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  1. Why i cant change keyboard from settings?And can u make text better like before? :unknw:
  2. Here you can add what to you sell in market or say what to you want to buy from market :)
  3. Epic new amulet lol :rofl:
  4. Wtf is going on,i cant play it :facepalm: it say i have tp use acc what is for that game version
  5. Yes lol, 1 guy was trying to get my idtoday too :wacko:
  6. Hmmm how much us your heal then?
  7. Im in clan now? i join your fb
  8. Do we need to buy armor and other things again to get those new bonuses :wacko:
  9. WOW market and new mircle shop :yahoo: New clans and new islands :yahoo: Arena bug fixed :yahoo: Nice work guys :drinks:
  10. I didnt get my mircle coins,i bought 240mircle coins (120+120) and i still dont hve them.I bought 120 3 weeks ago and 120 today too
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