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  1. Still cant link items :facepalm: And when update 3.0?
  2. Haha Knox you r busted ;D
  3. I had same problem many timesbefore so i think its bug
  4. Yes pls make guild system,it will be gool when u press on people and then it will show what guild player have. And pls make market between Firstborn and Mountain Clan.
  5. I want link items but i cant :( can u pls add old keyboard back? :mega_shok:
  6. Can u pls bring old keyboard back with my android keyboard i cant put armors and other things to chat
  7. That video have shit music lol
  8. Haha but r u real in eu Emerald,its lvl 14
  9. Necromancer is good for me:)
  10. Kuz i still dont have my 240 mircle coins When i get that???
  11. U need a lot of gold or repair scrools for kill that:D
  12. What update now? i want to play but it say do you want to update
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