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  1. Good news :yahoo: when new town out i wil be playing like old times ;) :snorlax:
  2. no one asked from me lol
  3. Thats how russians roll ;D
  4. Little Bro said 300-400 mc prize :blush:
  5. Is it allowed to change costume face or colors?
  6. Made by my little brother :blush:
  7. i didnt recive my mircle coins cos i made a little mistake what can i do now? Admins pls help
  8. WOW free unity sign you guys are still surprising me When i download that game my computer says that warsüear isnt safe and has been removed.Next time i downloaded game it said warspear may consider viruses or something like that. WHATS UP WITH THAT
  9. it will be cool when leaders can promote other ppl,for example who is just invited is non requiter then leader promote him to requiter then for left hand and then righ hand.What u guys think about that idea? ;)
  10. When update?its been so long from last big update
  11. I can't buy mc anymore because I can't see sms text .before that I bought them with other phone.
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