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  1. is not fair, my friends buy arena tickets, to make a sand,
    and people like this use cheats and cheats, please take care of it

    A guy makes more false acc! for . Make app for free!
    all guys can loguin many acc on a cpu?
    and do more ap with free, acc faks tikcts
    multi-accs Is there no ban on results? I see
    I zamazu
    same names! he uses my name for insults!
    more accs fake lv 4 tygaking is my friend!
    see gm pls check ip of ao ao this acc lv 4 u vai
    all acc lv 4 this ironbank guy he does not have tikcts to win raking
    fron my friend tygaking it uses multi-accs fake lv 4
    banishment he
    he's all lv 4 acc!
    when he gets out of it all, I spy on him, he does more ac lv 4 and he uses an editor, to edit the real game and open more! ws, you can suck it ip! all barb lv 4 and it's it! he makes names with insults! from me and my friend tygaking, he expects me to spam with fake acc! ppls chek it!

    [Ironbank] the name of the guy who uses fake Barbaro class bills from lv 4 to 6
    and with similar names obbkk and my come with insults, and use the name of my friend tygaking with insults alike! 'Please see the ip of these accounts!

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