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  1. For shamns and rouges which are crying for the new parry update i would say that shamn totem was really op fair enough to make it parryable and blockable u was unbeatable at +8 by +10 other chars soo dont get mad its just making some equilibrium and for rouges u guys have the dissappear advantage and dodge shouldn't be really mad seekers should they dont even have dodge soo this update actually raped seekers more than any other char
  2. then its not violation ! vpn cant switch mac only can switch ip still mac address can get then busted them *
  3. Hmm game can track the ip of them or mac address ( which is unique for each device then any 2 chars from same mac address could be banned) sadly they are too lazy to motivate there code Develop*
  4. 15% speed is worse seekers rangers and rouges will be deadly op and don't forget hunters too meeh everybody can 70% speed now
  5. Bitterness is speed buff skill its works for each buff (0.5, 0.7,1,1.5)% speed passive but its broken when ranger get dmg buffs lost tho its not written in description like wlock buff they said wlock lose buff if got dmg but ranger losing buffs too while skill didn't mention it if opponent have retribution skill become totally useless cuz retribution dmg cancel any buff that come up there
  6. Please fix ranger bitterness too its kinda useless now either make no loss for buffs when ranger get dmg or change it to be active not passive like other chars attack speed skills
  7. simply cuz hunter use a 2 handed weapon while rouge use x2 1 handed weapons bd have more than mages since fero came
  8. Tamer Ismail

    cc dg solo

    as game became soo booring after horror soo ppl do wierd things to kill time like that
  9. not a shield something like mage sunarmor other than dodge buff some % def and bitterness shouldnt be removed when ranger get dmg as alej said its not even in skill description
  10. trap and cage dont work in pve
  11. then should nerf mage same as above^^
  12. after playing both ranger and mage i noticed that mage have ethereal barrier skill to help it survive when steal tank from the tanker because of the high dmg they do and also found that samething with ranger soo they added dodge increase with bitterness buffs but still not enough to survive still need something that help ranger to tank for a while untill tanker recollect agro and tank again something that buff def or decrease comming attacks maybe could be added to bitterness other than that dodge thing which its almost useless to most of rangers
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