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  1. Soo 1 day break after event then warspear birthday update
  2. i have that feeling u really hate me i am waiting just asked a question
  3. @Reivenorik dg started giving x3 gp any missing announcement ?
  4. i am surprised u watch my vids tysm and ur welcome for the entertainmentu had while watching where was mods while i been killing it for 2 years and just accurcy book droped 6 months ago had luck those last 3 weeks actually 3 elm suits i am satisfied for my hard work ty gm
  5. Its still better than watching hauynthio bragging at wchat 24/7 how they rule all brackets @dia
  6. I don't have any problems tho not much care about i am just saying
  7. Soo u wanna him never do arena ever again or what Didn't get ur point ! Also 15k in 2 days isnt that big deal i know someone on same server did almost 200k which is 100% multi loggers its not like i care but u shouldn't spam soo much about that one and leave others cuz they are ur allays or something (i am just saying)
  8. Obviously he used on a low lvl char so got a low lvl bumpkin (skill lvl depending on summon lvl and summon lvl depending on char lvl) if used on lvl 26 + char its all skills maxed no bugs
  9. its fun jul i like it :D the way he made the story dont close it
  10. Energy regain have error in the time of regain should be every 5 sec sometimes it late just unstable please fix it ty
  11. Actually energy is still same and regain is still same there is unstable regain time its not always 5 sec sometimes it late 8-10 sec u can see in long fights vs a high hp boss
  12. Nooo nuuuu noooo not at all when u need 50k gp to use unity skill cmon what good
  13. do u know the logic of totem or u just too dumb to understand ? they didnt parry stave dmg its just skills *z* u the one who should understand what skill mean in dictionary
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