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  1. 8 hours ago, hitmanz said:

    Last time wd have skill like this, but they say bug and when barb got like this they say not bug. I dont know why GM still not do any Action  like they do with wd skill . We dont care about Population, we care how this game work fair mcs and elfs. Same strong and Balance Power both side . barb cant die 10 vs 1. Gm can check at Video people complant  . I Think people complant this 2 or 3 Time with video

    well my friend last time wd u talk about was holding 1000 mc for 1h without dying now barb only hold 8 sec and abit more with orchi book cant compare both

    also i think bd counter strike need to be nerfed 


    ppl should struggle in that dg not just solo without even mm gears

  2. 1 hour ago, lore said:

    no, they're saying that in a solo scenario the monsters were based in such a way it was not required for the warlock and mage to have modifiers to balance the difficulty/completion times of the dungeon, since as you can see the tankier classes got monsters wich are faster to kill in exchange to them being more capable to deal damage, and instead the dps oriented classes get tankier enemies to dont allow extremely easy bombrushes of the dungeon, the mage and warlock are both lacky in single target in difference of the others (im a bit confused for the chieftian tho), while healers only get faster enemies to kill in order to leave them able to heal up the damage they get
    basicaly, there was needed to make the solo dungeons made to be a challenge balanced in terms of the role/skills of the classes

    this gives the obvious flaw that some classes can make non traditional builds and gain advantage from these changes, for be specific the tanks and healers, but it also requires a ton of gold to achive proprely if the person was building for carry on thier class role whiout thinking of an alternate build (for example damage build for barb)

    imagine 70% attack speed barbs 😏 and i think they are just admitting that they nerf wlock too much as wlock should be same category as ranger but they nerf it soo much just saying rebuff wlock please !!!

  3. 5 hours ago, LeeLoo said:



    Barbarian \ Death Knight \ Warden \ Paladin \ Templar

    • Monster health reduced by 25%
    • Monster damage increased by 15%
    • Monster critical strike chance increased by 10%


    • Monster health reduced by 20%

    Hunter \ Ranger \ Seeker \ Blade Dancer \ Chieftain \ Charmer \ Rogue

    • Monster health increased by 15%

    Mage \ Warlock

    • No modifiers provided


    soo actually you are saying that mage and wlock is the only balanced hero's ? 😗

  4. 1 hour ago, Sai Chandra said:


    1. It doesn't matter how much %. It still holds the cruicial part(light gear 32-set) of the title of video (32-set). A violation is a violation no matter how you see it and you have agreed to it. 

    2, This is just a graphics animation of Video Contest 2020, it doesn't show any proof or detail that this Video was recorded for the contest purpose. An in- game chat is what the jury is expecting I believe. 




    These pictures show that the final piece of video is created on 19th September. Since you are an editor, you must already know that you can use the videos which were already recorded much before to create the final video for Contest. You also dont seem to be denying about the recording about cloth 32-set on Malefica character. 


    Not trying to be rude bruh!, I only mentioned the issues with the contest entry video and that only. My intention was never create any drama which I already wrote above. 

    lame unrelated to video commentary just a inside game problems showing in the comment and they was clear about dont involve ur in game problems here also ur talking about things that is not ur specialty when u send a video they check it and devs decide wither to accept or not and they already accepted it soo ur talks are useless devs know what they do dont bother judging other ppl videos ur free to say u didn't like it but the judging isnt urs to talk about 🚶‍♂️

  5. On 3/22/2019 at 11:54 AM, Reivenorik said:

    And I do not have an increased chance of receiving a drop, I am absolutely honest!

    :omg:i did 52 runs today for 1 relic 

    :smoke:we need event some costume in dg or something 

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