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  1. Amazing changes. I wish they implement it.
  2. This 2nd nerf will be added to the mana cost for heal from this skill? Will it be double nerf for block master? And what about the 1 second limit? It is still there or removed?
  3. My negativity isn't against the moderators. Its against the developers who should atleast make a post on forum atleast telling us when the update is or when the preview is coming. They are neglecting us ๐Ÿ˜ž
  4. Why you guys super lazy this year? Every other game in the world is already in Halloween event and you guys didn't even post a notice. Its like the devs doesn't care anymore. Aren't they reading the forum and seeing what people want?
  5. And will the test server this time be a bit longer than usual??? (More than 3hrs)
  6. daria its 30 mins after 15:00 CET where is the test server?
  7. And 1 more thing, will there be an item to remove previous runes so we can try another ones??
  8. Wow awesome update! Thanks. We will see now a lot of new fighting styles :* Just a question, will we able to test this runes on skills in the test server? (And will it opens back again?)
  9. When is the test server, and if someone has the link plzz send it. We wana try
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