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  1. all mcs know your a big pussy kos. I've killed you so many times it's not even funny. That's why you are never alone... Hiding behind your boyfriends all the time. Lol noob.
  2. you are right koskiller, I don't need a staff to kill you. I could kill you with my fist. I love when I make noobs like you cry on the forums.
  3. if you use Imperishibility that is suppose to protect from that and you still lose then it's the not my fault. In that was the case why sell Imperishibility in the first place in the shop.
  4. It's been 2weeks since I emailed support and still no response on me losing my staff. So the game developers want all the players who spend money to leave or what. I want my arena staff back. If players leave then no one spends money, if they don't spend money, you don't make money. Admit that you messed up on this update, give players there items back and maybe you won't lose all your customers.
  5. I too lost my arena staff, I used Imperishibility and staff still got lost. I've emailed support over 2 weeks ago and still no reply. Admit you messed up and give me my staff back before you lose all players that actually pay money for this game.
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