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  1. Gay screenshots everywhere. :bad:
  2. Guys, stop fight. Look at the example: Jason and me used to hunt each other anywhere, but now love is in the air. O:-) Mistakes happen, friendships need "action" sometimes to be worth and only after a discussion you can call someone a friend (or enemy :bad: ), so let's chat in-game and solve this whole situation like friends. After all "Well, nobody’s perfect". :friends: Ps: if it's to blame someone, blame Marcin. He's polish. :lol: I don't understand it. :unknw: Explain me please? Don't post it. :bad: :bad: :bad:
  3. I will tell two facts: - Span killed once my Barbarian with an elvish mob several time ago. I pm him so he ask apologizes. - Merc killed once my Barbarian with an elvish mob several time ago. I pm him so he said: I'm doing C.C. Quests. Both were my friends at the time and are at the moment. Ps: Sulla is a rogue, never trust him. He got angry because my rogue killed his noob ranger 5 times.
  4. Extra jumbo sausage for your information Merc. :bad:
  5. I think we should create a new "Suggestion Topic" and put our opinions to improve this game... ...and bring Mioco back, she read that topic. O:-)
  6. Is he Deann? :shok: A big noob before amplify update. Many pots and died too easy. I dunno if he strong now, I saw him only once time after amplify update and he killed me with Sefen while I was killing Imps. :sorry: Elvish meat. :bad: Lucy, 1vs1 is only you against another player. Furia (even noob) count in too. :facepalm:
  7. Post SS Merc says he wanna see me dressing big panties. :bad:
  8. What's up dudes? - Who's Gilantz??? - Why people complain about Shy??? (Evil bastards) - Is Ashurain an evil guy now??? :shok: - Why asian people have small hands??? (Sulla isnt a Br guy O:-) ) - I know where Lucas lives. :blush: - And... Warluna my favourite tranny. :yahoo: BTW Hi everybody, I'm back. :drinks:
  9. Hunt Marcin and Sulla (mainly Sulla), they disturbed FoF for months. Kill' em on sight !!
  10. Suggestions for the amplification system: Miracle Sign of Imperishability sold by MC Shop should increases amplify bonus to sucess at 10%, 20%, 30% ... up to 60%. Higher the chance of success, the more expensive the price of the Sign of Imperishability. Sign of Imperishability should be dropped by level 18 bosses and should increases amplify bonus to sucess at 90%. Just an outline, open to changes... :good:
  11. I agree with you. I don't wanna be the enemy of Warspear developers, just want them to think about how to please us while we collaborate with our money. After all this game isn't like drug trafficking: sustained by addiction. OMG Slay! I hate your forum avatar. It makes me so happy. ;D
  12. Sulla is a rogue, never trust him. :rofl:
  13. Forget Sulla, hunt Myth and Claude. They're both noobs, kill them on sight FTW.
  14. "Reduces critical hit damage and damage from other players" I think this is the right description.
  15. Eu não amo sangue e também não ri da sua piada. :nea:
  16. Versatile got Claymore already. He using phone now, he will post later apologizes. OMG! Rap. :shok: How can I hide you?! You really are omnipresent. :lol:
  17. I talked to Souljacker/Darckchaos and he intends give Versatile his Claymore. I'm waiting his reply and so I inform you. --------------------EDIT----------------------- He gave me the Claymore, I will not keep it, Versa can take it anytime and anywhere... But Darkchaos/Souljacker asked me a favor, that Versa apologize here in the forum for bad words.
  18. Do you remember why? Because I remember the reason, but if you say you changed your behavior there's no need for it anymore. PS: Don't help your "friend" anymore, tell him if he wants to kill me to come alone. BTW good luck new F.O.F. member, congratz. :good:
  19. Well, Im not a F.O.F. member, but if I were a member Phatwick would not have my vote for sure. I know him very well, I remember his party killing my party while we looting Animated Armors and we don't even attacked them.
  20. Sorry bro, but I don't know Firstborn quests very well. Maybe you forgot to kill any boss, check it.
  21. Mountain Clans or Firstborns?
  22. Dear Kuzmitch, I hope you read it till the end... In recent days, Warspear is passing through difficult times, like Miracle Coin bugs, Accounts stolen, Unfair Multiboxing and others etc... How you can see, cases like Deoksman/Deviana, Dior/Fafurion and Shyleen there are and could continue to exist. So I ask you, apart from any selfish interest, to organize a staff dedicated to resolving such cases. A GM staff as VN-Server, I believe we deserve it and problems like these could be analyzed with due importance and respect. It's just my humble yet honest opinion. PS: Fafu is an old and friendly player, please don't treat him like a hacker or cheater, he deserves a fair trial.
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