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  1. Ungeziefer for making a comment worth my while not wasting your life making negative comments like these other turds i made a video for people actually to enjoy and watch so stop giving negative comments you low lifes

    so megadeth im not 10 so duck off and go get kidnapped held for a ransom of $1 then never get free just ducking die and $1 is all your worth and all your shitty country is worth ducking fag now comment on that ♥♥♥♥♥ and koskiller stop posting on all my topics and get a life go outside talk to friends get a life outside warspear and no homo but your one ugly motherducker and my sister even said so to now report me ♥♥♥♥♥es i dont care


    I'm a fat ugly nerd from Brazil with no life and I don't see any problem with this.  :unknw:
  2. add unge to the list that fat f**k scammed me for 10 smoked hams from miracle shop then ate them right in front me without paying the gold,  just kept on saying "heuheuheu" choking on food while laughing like always.


    WTF?!  :shok:

    I told you I'm not reliable when I'm hungry.  :facepalm:

  3. diaboloro FAIL!


    you show how you kill a shaman in 2vs1  :facepalm:

    make 1vs1 then you can be proud, but you are proud of killing a shaman with help of a ranger :facepalm:



    He will edit with Photoshop, he never fights alone.  :facepalm:
  4. my point is hackers & scammers  should not be allowed back in game except bug exploiters


    Death sentence? :unknw:
  5. This isn't called a war. This is a massacre. Choosing a place where the NPCs are not hostile to you isn't very heroic. You guys should try somewhere else. Not that I'm complaining but most MCs choose this site to attack elves because of the advantage MCs have here...


    And elves choose other side where there are NPC's Bodyguards.
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