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  1. Do you know the stats on grimorie skill by any chance?
  2. Damn... You really helped me a lot Thanks!!!
  3. So ive been struggling my warlock in t3 and t4 Ayvondil and managed to finish all yellow quest with a friend but I was hoping if someone can give me Tips or suggestions from pro warlock players below.btw im going max level. 1. For Pve What skills should I max (Including expert skills)? 2. What attributes should i Max or take care of? (with lifesteal attributes)(for Pve) For me I should have 10% pen,20% lifesteal,15%accuracy,20%crit,20%+ cooldown reduction,50+ mana regen and 3k+ health,but i dont know if thats good. P.S. - The screenshots is my character right now cuz im confused which items to buy
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