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  1. u guys are crazy am laughing here
  2. everybody know it was a disaster but it need a small buff now tho
  3. nice event but last event end so fast that none took chest (NONE) boss died in less than 30 secs
  4. i know it since am mc and i dont like elves at all but u can see this 2h mace-axe-sword in elves market 10-40k ~ ..they can use and they dont....we cant and we dont
  5. maybe am little bit late but the drop system seems almost fair since mcs have 4 useless weps ( bow-cbow-spear and mace (magic dmg ones) )and elves got 3 weps useless ( 2h mace-2h axe- 2h sword ) they can be used for palas tho but as u guys know palas better go full m-dmg
  6. yes finally hehehe we had to get 2 dks for TP ☺
  7. hmmm idk about this relics but fresh potato is so delicious with ketchup u should try it guys
  8. idk wht fat old man doing in warspear but je seems happy hehehe
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