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  1. I made a lvl 20 druid in about 48 hours ... Beat my record
  2. I agree with the creation of a market dealer between elf and mc But, of course, the dealer would take a higher percentage than 10% Maybe 25% max?
  3. Another idea for the shaman new skill... COULD be a shield just like necro or priest ones COULD be a totem spawning x minions(with LOW HP?) a second that would attack the shaman target or the nearest player or mob Somewhat like a bunch of ehereal parasite, except these would be many with higher damage) (Let the shaman invoke their ancestors from Arinar) COULD be a passive increasing DMG? COULD be a passive increasing crit odds?
  4. That video is hilarious hahaha
  5. I have an idea! New shaman skill could be "Summon minion" It would use 100% total mana capacity and it would summon a minnion for about a minute(4/4) to help the shaman in battle, dealing ?equal damage? to the shamans magic attack? Since the shaman would lose all his mana to use this, i think its kite fair
  6. "2. Changing of the fraction of all NPC in the cities of the III and IV Ayvondil sectors to "neutral" (they cannot be killed anymore); the shops on the enemy Alliance's territory will also have a debuff now;" I could kill Elf market npc in t4 ayvo haha Was a fun moment
  7. About recovery account trick... I feel insecure knowning that anyone with the correct information about a person's account can "steal" it that easily
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