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  1. Correction - Medusa - Helm & ArmourEchidna - Boots & Gloves Otaar & Khahz ( Eyes ) - Weapons Source : Russian forum
  2. strygwyr9


    Email support, only option, devs won't solve that stuff here
  3. Yeah, rangers suck so bad, they kill rogues & shaman in 3 seconds, OMG, make them stronger, why they so weak?? I remember what some guy said
  4. game very laggy since yesterday, I get non stop dc's like every 30 mins and takes 5 mins to connect :facepalm:
  5. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: hmmmm, Chinese new year ayy? I think The Dragon in the Sanctuary is ready to be awaken!!! ;D ;D
  6. they strong so Rangers don't own the game
  7. ofc, Admins like you have the best stats :shout:
  8. shut up you pathetic noob, ever since the first day i met you i knew you were a pussy, elves and mc have equal chances to reach last boss, earthquake is only effective from entrance to 2nd boss, if you use earthquake and run from 3rd to medusa your gonna lose 50% of the people, always happens when we do earth & run, last time when we killed all mobs we reached anax in 3 hrs without earth and no one died, so stop complaining, your bosses too easy, our 3rd is even worse than your 4th :facepalm:
  9. Stealth is 100% complete shit on a plate, why don't you try stealthing at lab? we'll just be watch you die at very first mobs :facepalm: and play elf? we trying to balance mc & elves not making Overpowered rangers more overpopulated :facepalm: as I just said Stealth is shit in lab, and earthquake is useless unless you wanna lose people 1 by 1 ( which is mostly the healers ) and BTW just so you know THE VERY FIRST TIME WE DID LAB, WE REACHED LAST BOSS WITH 3 PARTIES, NO EARTHQUAKE, NO STEALTH ( OFC. CUZ IT'S COMPLETE SHIT ) NO RUNNING, WE KILLED ALL MOBS THAT WERE IN OUR WAY AND WE DID 1ST, 2ND, 3RD, MEDUSA, ANAX WITH 3 PARTIES, DID ECHIDNA WITH 2 PARTIES & THEN WE REACHED LAST BOSS WITH 2 PARTIES, IS ELVES TOO NOOB TO DO THAT? :tease: You guys have machine guns that do crits & x2 damage, I don't think killing guards will be a problem & 4 Elves made it to Medusa & camped there, I don't see how 2 parties can't reach there? and 1 party can reach anax :facepalm:
  10. God you elves are noob, earthquake + run is worst idea ever, last time we did that with 4 parties ended up with 2 at 3rd and died :facepalm: Plus, we don't even use Earthquake + run after 3rd boss cause by then they all ranged mobs that hit exactly like bosses and every shamans earth is level1 except Myth's but myth is a noob, and yes elf boss is easier to kill, just 2nd is hard, but OMG your 3rd is like a joke, what kind of boss is that easy?? our 3rd is like a nightmare especially when many noob gaylords that run around cuz their balls to itchy :facepalm: mc only have 1 easy boss which is 2nd cuz 1 mob resets and thats all while 3rd is harder than medusa :facepalm: and elves 3rd is all melee and 1 range boss, while mcs die from guards that hit 200 :facepalm:
  11. Your life is complete now :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. Ranger -> shaman -> Druid -> Barb/BD ( 50/50 ) -> Rogue ( though rogue still has little chance against BD, if he gets caught in hamstring then he's finished :bomb: ) :facepalm:
  13. then I will have to cry just like those noob losers without life complained about stealth like Vendetta and some other gaylords, Imagine seeing 1300! 1300! 1300! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. Barbs don't have dual wield specialazation :facepalm: :wacko:
  15. Exactly, replace Blessing with stealth maybe.
  16. Mountain clan have more harder quests while Firstborn has easy quest ( Don't deny this I've played both Factions many times and did all quests many times ) Firstborn have more advantage since 2 ranged class & their damage dealer is ranged ( makes him too OP ) Imagine if Rogues were ranged = Balance. but other class suffer from ranged surprise attacks ( which rangers, druid, shaman could already do since long ranged ) Mclan can do Astral Labyrinth more better thanks to Earthquake ( but very dangerous cause usually people die 1 at a time and then we end up with 1 party at medusa :facepalm: ) elves have easy designed labyrinth but then they must kill since they don't have an area disable. Elves usually win at war thanks to trap at crossing and camp that spot till rogues come and die and a group of rangers can slaughter everyone like rogues used to when they had proper stealth. but still mclan has the best melee class, Barbarians ;D I think you all know why...
  17. Quote from that guy who cried that rangers have the weakest damage :facepalm: YES! Those were the epic days when stealth lasted forever, not now since elves cried like babies and devs felt sorry for these poor babies, barbs used 2 axes which is very strong and many good shit back then, now it's just gay ranged class owning the hell outta noob melees :facepalm: and rogues killing lvl 13 noob rangers & druids ( depends on equip ) in one hit and lvl 18-20 rangers owning everyone in 3 seconds :wacko:
  18. They think that if you amplify you gain HP? :facepalm: Only a barb with HP set bonus could reach 3k HP so stop complaining cause a 3k hp barb is rare and takes allot of time to get,Shaman with 2.6k HP? WTF
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