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  1. They said that Repair scroll price ain't a bug, they increase the price, they said that's the price now, soon they increase arena ticket price, maybe 8 mcoins for 1 ticket, same as they did with Runes :facepalm: To Devs it's all about money first, Increase prices and make plans to force people to spend money, then they add a simple boring thing for poor people... I'm only speaking the truth, Devs Care more about money than their supporters, remember if it wasn't for US then you Devs wouldn't be swimming in money now, I'm just speaking the truth, ban me then you are just pathetic, Reply if you're brave enough, I see you banned Crossfit for speaking the truth, Scared to reply? so you just delete, ban and ignore, shame, I think people shouldn't buy Mcoins until Warspear actual turns to a game, Lab was good idea but then people need to spend money on Dark def runes, Arena tickets for good equipment, and etc etc. atleast make this game cheap, if costumes would all be 300 mcoins, runes & crystals all 10-20 mcoins, Repair scroll 5 mcoins, arena tickets 15 mcoins for 10 pieces and etc. that would be great, but now I think a new player would have to spend $1000-5000 to be a strong player, some games you don't even have to spend $1000 to be strong :facepalm: Ban me if you're pathetic, Reply if you're brave, I'll be waiting..
  2. Try MC 3rd boss, It's same, MC been struggling there for 1 month, now Elves feel our pain, don't complain, not a single MC complain that our 3rd is hard, My suggestion to kill it is : Don't Bring A Noob That Keeps Running Around, or else he lure mobs and then all die :facepalm: But that wouldn't be a problem for elves, cause I see 4-5 parties usually going lab, MC always go in 2-3 parties and at 3rd usually 2 parties due to people dying :wacko:
  3. This is bad, Sapphire MC are losing their good players, now who will help the low levels :search:
  4. I thinks it's time to add this, how many Months ago did we ask for this and you said we will work on it :facepalm: Ever since 1.0 we've been asking but yet you don't add it, anyways I think this will help you please try, it's not that hard you just have to talk and sort it out then we be buying mcoins everyday,
  5. Stop crying elves, It's called BALANCE, you know BALANCE, the thing that you elves did to Rogues Stealth, Oh well It's BALANCE so close your mouth, your 3rd boss is exactly like ours got problem? shut up it's BALANCE, go complain about MC lab cause right now there's nothing to complain about other than Elves 1st boss which 3 mobs reset :facepalm: And the Weapon thing, it's been going on EVER SINCE THE START OF WARSPEAR, and just now you complain about it cause MC complain about the inbalance of elf 3rd boss? lol
  6. Very sweet, A guy named Sulla is inlove with Twilight, I know he'll like this
  7. Then explain all those fake pics? :shok:
  8. well now their 3rd is like ours, I think it's time to continue doing our lab like old times, if we fail with Earth & Run technique then we can just kill the mobs anyways I'd rather spend 2 hrs to our 3rd than waste time on Earth & Run since people usually die, but the problem is MC need more now many people quit and Elves ofcourse are still over populated but they too stupid to do their lab with their fancy rangers with blessing and their lvl 17 items :crazy:
  9. We've been waiting long Devs :facepalm: Now I will say it again... ADD SMS PAYMENT TO PHILIPPINES! :facepalm:
  10. Shy is expert in Photoshop and Paint now :wacko:
  11. I don't think you know what we mean, My rogue is great and I NEVER bought Miracle coins, but that's not the problem, I think this will help you understand:
  12. They busy laughing at players complains :facepalm:
  13. hmm, I think Sulla & Slay, Can't be Marcin since he ain't that active, and I get banned alot, you guys don't want a banned mod :lol:
  14. Marcin said forum is sh*t and he rarely on :wacko: Sulla on 24/7 since he has no life ;D :pleasantry:
  15. well someone suggested him for mod then we vote for him too, so stop spamming now, we are voting here not talking about how Sulla would be as a mod :facepalm:
  16. rogue stealth hit boss everyone charges or barb charges and pots non stop hoping he does melee damage :lol: then attack like no tomorrow, We managed to get it to half HP at Emerald but noobs keep resetting it :facepalm: Like the 10th time, god noob keep resetting :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: ( sorry too lazy to crop the image ) ;D
  17. go near it, it hits 400-500 close range. 8000-10000 if you try run away ;D POT POT POT HEAL HEAL HEAL REVIVE REVIVE REVIVE ;D
  18. boss hit 10000 :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: AND WTF BLOOD ON SCREEN? I CAN NOT CONCENTRATE :wacko: :wacko:
  19. This is not the " let's vote for Sulla for mod topic " if you have complaints keep your mouth shut and just give a suggestion for Mod it isn't that hard :wacko: :facepalm:
  20. Everyone can join as soon as my forum account gets unbanned :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:
  21. Servers down, let's spam here :tease: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: ;D
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