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  1. guys,discuss that on pm  :pardon:  now it is too late and hope they fix some of this shit  :wacko:

    now i was hunting and using hamstring most of bosses: result: in about 100-150 times using hamstring: most time resist,only sometimes dodge and only 4(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) times it worked ... are u kidding ? and the druid in my party (dobermannn) have a similar problem with root ....


    i dont no how MC skills work...but on elfs it sucks...try to run away from drogon without hamstring :lol:


    It's nightmare  :facepalm:  No Blind, No earth, DIE DIE DIE  :facepalm: :facepalm:
  2. Warspear are real mmo  :yahoo:


    But only at v 0.7  ;D


    Then its turn to shop game


    so only chance turn to real mmo are with TIME M ACHINE  :crazy:


    Well some noob named Sulla loves this update, he wants it to be more hard, he was the one who suggested " Resist " thing and mobs will start to attack you if you get 2 blocks near, he made this game this way, Blame Sulla,
  3. This is reality... then mc have better advantages they say that its balanced and elfs complaining by nothing. then elfs have better advantages they say that its balanced and mc complaining by nothing. its always was and always will be  :bad:


    Balance? always was? yea so a level 15 Ranger making a level 19 rogue's HP go from 100% to 20% in 2 seconds balance? you must not understand what is balance....
  4. Its russian.


      I translate for you  :wacko: This QIWI thing is weird, everywhere I check for it, it's all russian language  :facepalm:

    How to pay for services?

    You can make payment in several convenient ways:

    Cash in payment terminals QIWI and locations receiving payments;

    • With a personal account QIWI purse;
    • The portal w.qiwi.ru ;
    • After an application for mobile phones «QIWI mobile",.

      and also:

    • With the mobile phone account (MTS, Beeline, Megafon);
    • Bank card;
    • Through a social networking account.

    Select a payment method that suits you and pay for services at any time, without queuing and output. The terminal QIWI or QIWI Purse need to choose the provider of services to the funds and obtain confirmation of realization of payment (check in terminal and its counterpart in QIWI Purse).

    Want to see how quickly and easily make payments? In this section you will find detailed instructions!

    QIWI Wallet holds all the details of your payment information on the state's account, and upcoming bills and invoices online stores, reports already made ​​payments.

    More information about the service




    QIWI purse on the phone you want to pay your bills at any time and it does not depend on access to the Internet? Set your cell phone application «QIWI mobile" and manage payments from your mobile phone, the software and the service itself absolutely free!

    I want to know more

  5. ppl are spending it...why u call it a 2d game??? if anygame can entertain me then its the best game for me!!!!

    you should find better game if u can:-)..im boared by fact no new yellow quest thats why i log less...otherwise i find it more portable to play as on phone and good features..


    It is a 2D game  :wacko:  But that's not what I mean, yes it's a great game, but that doesn't mean it should be all about money, right now the game is 90% about money, when you begin you have to spend 1599 for normal size bag, and 300+ for enchants, then you will need to buy more enchants for new armour and then you buy arena tickets, then signs & sphere  and etc. etc., which would cost about 30k mc or so, I think it should be cheap, x10 bag size for  about $11 just to have normal bag  :facepalm: think if you have to start over and no one knows you, no lvl 20 would follow you around helping you all the time.. you have to spend to actually play normally, at 0.7 everything was good,  easy to kill at 1st island and 2nd island was hard, but now it seems 1st island is hard cause you don't have enchants and good equips thus forcing you to buy recruit gear, crystals, runes & etc. In other games it seems to be pay to be strongest not pay to play easily  :facepalm:
  6. Dear players!


    Today we release the immediate correction of errors discovered during first day after launch of “Warspear Online: Legacy of Berengar” 2.8.


    List of fixes:


    1. Changes in damage dealt by Arinar creatures to players. The cause of this bug were corrections in the game mechanics behavior of creatures and their characteristics.


    List of known bugs:


    1. Bug with disappearing ears of Firstorn wearing the new costumes from Miracle Shop. (Always)

    2. Absence of the half of the health and energy when player leaving Arena. (Rare)

    3. Endless process of connection while entering the game world. (Rare)

    4. Player complains about periodic delays in the different parts of the game world. (Average)


    Thank you for your passion and understanding.



    Read the bolded words, it says only damage is fixed... the others are bugs that are being fixed..
  7. 1->rich always strong in any mmo ;)

    2->no comment

    3->thats not a point really...if u guys less what can dev do?lol

    4->damage is fixed after maintainence

    5->devs need mpney to run the game...


    my opinion....bring back subscription and end amplify system and convert all sign money spent into subcribtion money

    like suppose if to get a wepon to +5 on avarage 40 signs are required then give that much amout of subscripoin...something like that...hhehehe

    but i got no problem wih amplify systemm...rich=strong in most mmo..comeon do the dev not need money?infact sometimes i feel its players who are miser to spend money ;D


    So you're saying you'd spend $500 on a 2D mobile game to be a normal player?? and I don't think devs need $100k to run a 2D mobile game, don't you think so?
  8. Have fun.

    Don't delete characters at least :)

    I think we can surpise every player in future in the nice way.


    And borrowing accounts or sharing/selling (whatever) are still not so "legal".


    Keep your word, we will be waiting for a good version of Warspear, right now it's just Rich = Win, I don't understand  :fool:
  9. BEST SUGGESTION: Reduce all Miracle Shop items by 50% and not a single item should cost more than 500 mcoins, I don't think this is a game anymore, It costs over $1000 for a beginner to be a normal player  :facepalm:  And not just that, REMOVE ALL YOUR GREEDY PLANS TO FORCE PEOPLE TO BUY MIRACLE COINS, this is just stupid, waste $100 for a 2D game that is total unbalance from rich vs. poor, better play WoW or some other games waste $5000 there, atleast it's worth it cause I predict than in few months Warspear will be empty just rich Russians all the rich EU, US, Vietnam people will have to quit due to low number of players... Devs, for god's sake try and keep this game alive, you are just killing it slowly, or is that your plan too? make people waste money, shut the game down, then find another business and do exactly the same A.K.A. Ripping people off?  :facepalm: 

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