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  1. your the newcomer to our lands, who brought this virus from elf side Опубликованное фото


    My rogue ain't newcomer, he been at MC side since 0.7  :facepalm: :facepalm: :bad: I think it's Nia's barb  :bad:
  2. Well, this would be good for the game and the income, because more players mean the old people will come back cause now everyone is leaving or rarely going online due to small population ( though emerald elf still loaded of pointy ears, but they too noob to do lab so they got bored and left ), more players = easier to do labyrinth, people will come back and spend money on it. right now I don't see any good reason why we should spend money on this game cause it seems like people are leaving and our server is slowly dying...

  3. me thank u many times me love dis clan many too. me see noob run in lab but not noob with 18 lvl and noob 3 lvl armor strong kill all boss 1 hit me can i do always


    Me like u english, gay spanish like
  4. wow me like you me want join clan to, u let me join me be good member kill elf i always see i be friend of breakout me love it i kill beholder 1 hit me strongest me want join i good player


    Welcome to clan Grimsat, aka Breakout  :lol:  PS: Spanish is gay
  5. This is really gay, Elves still can do their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Medusa, Echidna, Otaar, Maybe Khahz too with 1 party....  :facepalm:  All EU & US elves PLEASE DON'T SPAM THIS TOPIC IF YOU ARE NOOB.. I HAVE ALL THE PROOF I CAN SHOW, BUT OFCOURSE I WILL NOT POST IN PUBLIC OTHERWISE OTHER ELVES WILL COPY THIS TOTAL IMBALANCE..  :facepalm:  I SUGGEST MAKE BOSS EVASION AREA ( RESET PLACE ) SMALL SO THAT THEY CANNOT JUST FIGHT WITH BOSS & 1 or 2 MOBS or Allow Rogues to use Bows so we can do the same thing, THIS IS TOTAL IMBALANCE, WHILE MC  HAVE TO KILL ALL MOBS AND BOSS TOGETHER  :facepalm:

  6. imposible...same nicks...then how will u pm any guy?

    like #abcd now 2 of same ppl will be there so not gonna happen...

    wish that would have happened!

    maybe give option to change nicks or the player who started earlier should get that nick n new one can rename his char?


    but that would be a big problem, how will we know who is who? example if I change my name to Bob and my friend named Sullagay changed his to Ilovemen, How will we know who is who?  :unknw:
  7. You guys got the costume ?


    No  :bad:  but 2 people got costume, but saddest thing about EU server is - FIRST ONE TO GET BEHOLDER IN EMERALD SERVER WAS A RUSSIAN :facepalm: no joke :wacko:  we killed 2 times that time, no drop, so far 2 people got beholder costume
  8. it was stated that it's not possible, too many characters with same nicknames on both servers  :nea:


    That's why I have a suggestion:

    If they do merge the servers, should have 2 friends list - 1 US & 1 EU, then  at the end of the names of people should have EU or US so then we won't get mixed up.. anyways this seems impossible I doubt devs would do this, would be very messed up :wacko: 

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