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  1. Merc ur too obvious on ur gayness....ur really like marcin and sulla dats y u decided to move n mc land..i remember wen we wer at elf u keep on stalking sulla :wacko:


    omg, they gave you the disease, this is bad, maybe it's time to leave warspear or make my own faction  :mega_shok:
  2. No, they started it but they called me gay when they're the real gays, they made me look like I started the disease but Sulla & Marcin was trying to hide their relationship, they in love gays and they make me look like one so no one will know it was them  :facepalm:

  3. Who the duck cares about what another shit head says to you, I say you're ducking ugly, you say i'm ducking uglier, well you know what I don't give a shit cause looks doesn't matter unless you duck yourself, shut the duck up, freedom of speech is ok, judging is ok, why the duck you mad bro?? so we all should not say shit that it's our ducking mind or what we think about? ok then, I'll say you look ducking cool when you look like a ducked up homo before you go date your Girlfriend for the ducking first time then you end up ducking crying like a shithead in your room cause you ducking don't like freedom of speech, speak your ducking mind out and shut the duck up if you don't like what he says or just ducking accept it, anyways other peoples duckshit thoughts shouldn't ducking bother you, cause you are ducking you, and if you like you then why the duck should you care what shitheads say?

    I WAS BORED  :wacko:  I don't ducking care if I get banned cause now I ain't bored :yahoo:  ( btw this not for you Bloody ;D )

  4. jayrox:


    1. You are a spammer on the PM.

    2. You are a spammer in the game.

    3. I have a WiFi router at home. If I play on one computer, the brother of another. We have the same IP for a router. I say I go with my brother hunt bosses, you say that I am multiboxer?

    4. What did this do multiboxers? Have you lost something? Lost something? You better take care of reporting hackers ...


    Lol, I don't think this is about spammers and Jayrox isn't a spammer ingame or pm  :wacko:  Mdea is multiboxing, if you don't believe then check all the proof, if you still don't believe then you're lost
  5. Yeah so then people who can't buy 500 arena tickets have to hunt Khahz ( Blue eye ) for lvl 18 weapons or wait 5 months for full arena set  :facepalm:  while rich people spam arena and kill everyone with their lvl 18 arena stuff  :bad:

  6. When I enter game I get disconnections again and again, but my net is fine and it take 1 second to connect to character page & enter game but then I always get " Slow Connection " icon and then dc  :facepalm:  I email support but they take long to reply, any suggestions to stop fix this?


    First off you "strygwyr9" DO NOT have ANY hard evidence that I am multiboxing. Just because me and my brother's IGN's are similar you assume I multibox. The first letter in our names is the initials of our first names and the "cheung" is our family name. Incase you didn't know siblings share the same family name....


    On the otherhand, I "ycheung" have proof that I am a completely different person to "acheungg" who is my brother. We both have facebook accounts, different email address' and if it's necessary, i can upload a picture or a video of me and my brother playing warspear at the same time to the ADMINS only.


    referring back to your post...why would you include "greedily" and "noob"??? Firstly, I got the drop and YOU DID NOT so it is MY property. I can do whatever the hell i what with my baton, destroy it, use it or sell it, BUT since my brother IS a shaman he can use it. Thus i am not being "greedy" because YOU didn't get one.....sounds a lot like jealousy when you included "noob"... And how is hunting with my brother unfairly?? he doesn't give me any of the rare drops and we sometimes hunt with 2 other players. TIP:get some friends and hunt together.... :facepalm:


    Also.....U dnd't gt WELL TRIED BATON  nd I did :tease: :tease: hahahalolololz u R the "kid" :P


    I added Greedy and Noob to describe you, and even though, MANY people know you are the one who uses Acheungg, and explain why your brother never played when there was no WT Baton?  :facepalm:  and why you used it when it had none, btw don't act like a kid, i'm not here for kiddy fights  :facepalm:  and I know how people move and react if they multiboxing, Noty was the easiest to find out cause his chars move like a snail  :crazy:
  8. you mean when rogue pvp a "dumb" ranger that uses blessing when rogue is not scattered or trapped, a smart ranger using it when rogue is out of range to stun,

    e.g trap him > move back >  scatter > blessing > atk > move back while atking> staggering the rogue > many free hits while rogue is trapped and moving towards the ranger.


    Rogue stealths, run & regen and come back tomorrow LOLOLOL  :lol: :lol: :lol: 
  9. He is multiboxing - using more than 1 account, what Devilhell did to get banned... he didn't use 1 device, how the hell someone gonna run 4 Warspears in 1 computer

    Brother? wtf you talking about idiot? Read the 4th screen, all proof is in there, when Jayrox sent ETHOXY a pm " stop multiboxing bro... " then MDEA replied to that with " What? ", These noobs should be punished, Devs.

    There are also 2 people multiboxing, Notyjerk ( Notyidiot, Blacknoty, Notyking and others ) best multiboxer I see, using 3 accounts at once. And there's this kid Ycheung, using his shaman Acheungg, he been hunting with 2 accounts ever since he got that Well-tried Baton and greedily gave it to his noob shaman ( who didn't heal him at lambert )  :facepalm:  Please check those players too, I've sent a Email to support about Noty dude but I still see 3-5 people at Nadir with " Noty " in their name, moving slow in a group, and that guy name Ycheung just uses his shaman & barb to hunt - unfairly...


    sigh.... and my rogue is setup for attack speed and dodge....  :cray:


    mine is worse, 10.4% penetration, you never see me with full energy/mana  :lol:  & Crit ( my accu screwed cuz my ring has no accu in it )  :wacko:  Though I crit 800 on gwapito, while u guys with noob pene hit 750, I feel so pro with my +50 dmg  :tease:
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