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  1. Here, this is what makes Druids Moon & Astral more than Shamans, It adds about 10-15 moon/astral to druids right now (ofcourse not the noob ones :wacko: )

    Опубликованное фото

    Offtopic  :yahoo:  : It is what makes Elves more stronger since their bonus stacks by 100% every 2 seconds, while MCs +4% HP stack by 100%, 50% then 20% then 0%, since we have to regen it every 5 seconds. So this means elf get +200-500 damage in battle ( depends how long battle lasts )

  2. I think restart the clan, start over, and make a new recruiting method.

    make sure that player is loyal and respectful person before he join clan, ask MC and FB about that person, etc etc.

    And make leader, 2nd leader and 3rd leader, ofcourse Ryn is the permanent 1st leader should make 2 more so they can organize things in game, and I don't see what's the problem in killing some FoF members when on MC, if it's a war it's ok, it's not like we disturbing you but ofcourse don't take it seriously like target any fof member you see first in war  :facepalm: :wacko:

  3. So did Kuzmitch talk about bulshit? Kuzmitch said druid's healing performance is increased, game liar?


    No, No lie, It was increased 1 and a half year ago, I don't get why you complain 1 and a half year after  :wacko:  I post something wait 5 mins. uploading  ;D
  4. Thanks y'all.. shyleen, madalas nga kitang mkita sa war haha lakas mo nga eh, enjoy talaga war..baga good balancer ko yun sa mga quest na kakainip tapusin.. nga pala ano gamit niyong mobile surf? one of difficulties ko ksi every crossing.. inaabot ako ng 15 to 20secs o dc.. kaya sa war most of the time kung hindi half life dead na ko bago pa ko makagalaw.. :D


    I experienced this on Mobile too, maybe this might help, Uninstall the game and then re-install it in your "Phone Memory" NOT Memory Card.

    Sorry for giving you guys nosebleed  ;D

  5. Guys, I know now.... I can't believe I never noticed this.... The reason why Ranger are so overpoweredly strong, this is the answer to all the mysteries, It was NOT Developers  who made Rangers so strong... can't you guys see it? Ok, I will tell the answer to the " why is ranger OP mystery " here it is....

    Well now you know... tell all your friends before it's too late  :shok: :wacko:

  6. Who would say such a thing, to our leader, our friend  :facepalm:  obviously Ryn left cause this game got boring and it cost too much money... WTF is happening, I miss the old FoF, with members who respected Ryn especially every member of the clan.. now it's all bullshit and drama..

  7. But if you gouge we can do 2v1 vs the other, u know we go arena 1 hour ago, rangers was camping and you just run fast to the traps :bad:  You feel good with arrows in the ass? :bad:



    LOL, we not talking about that, Jaw said that rangers have high crit, dodge, scatter, trap, blessing.. but they have low defense, but then rogues on the other hand have low defense too but they have no disable were in they get advantage and they are melee, all they can hope for is that they dodge all attacks and do all crits but sadly they don't, they die...
  8. I remember asking n trade who needs shadows, ycheung say "my shaman needs" then 5min later acheung log and pm me, it was him ask jonny too



    My brother was asleep ( or whatever ) and I heard people doing shadows, So I used his account so he wouldn't miss it

    Every multiboxer would say that, they are so predictable.  :wacko:

    I think 50% mc know it's him, now he get angry cause he is guilty, if he didn't do that he wouldn't act childish & get mad  :crazy:

  9. :shok:

    omg mr. Kuzz. Idk wt wr u thinking Or u must b joking.

    coz not even a single of the 4 bugs is corrected on 22 feb maintainance.. Heres the proof:

    Cave mages hit the same 109 bt i have sun def like 300 on me, so 105 hit, hits 109 on rest players..


    endless connection: i cnt make a video of 15 minutes of trying to log in my arch bt end up loging as bd..


    arena hp half: well there u go


    I think the glitch is this, u didnt write it in green so its not official :wacko:


    lol what's wrong with those mages? last time they hit 150 after maintenance ( fix ) 109, I don't get what you mean?  :wacko:

    And read what kuz posted again, he said they fixed mobs damage, and they gonna fix connection, arena, delay & costume bug,

    Dear players!


    Today we release the immediate correction of errors discovered during first day after launch of “Warspear Online: Legacy of Berengar” 2.8.


    List of fixes:


    1. Changes in damage dealt by Arinar creatures to players. The cause of this bug were corrections in the game mechanics behavior of creatures and their characteristics.


    List of known bugs:


    1. Bug with disappearing ears of Firstorn wearing the new costumes from Miracle Shop. (Always)

    2. Absence of the half of the health and energy when player leaving Arena. (Rare)

    3. Endless process of connection while entering the game world. (Rare)

    4. Player complains about periodic delays in the different parts of the game world. (Average)


    Thank you for your passion and understanding.



  10. game is asking NEW or EXIATING PROFILE username ns password. are u joking me? were can i full the registering form? theres no instant play. in gamein fact there are only three buttons EXIT. MENU aand PLAY. HIt menu popups new and existing profile, both ask username and password, hit play popups SAME, cant register.


    DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT IS " NEW PLAYER "?? Seriously learn to read  :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:  All you HAVE to DO is PRESS NEW PLAYER then it will make you an account and bring you to YOUR CHARACTER PAGE  :facepalm: :facepalm:  Next time ask more politely..........  :facepalm:
  11. Stop winning, have you ever try to be a ranger?

    I tried and not so powerful although my bow is +8.

    Ranger difficult to win vs barb if same pro player.


    Well, rogue have invisibility which is the best skill in scouting, the damage just the same as other melee class, defense just similar with mail armor, hp yay don't trick me, rogue can have similar hp as barbarian or BD. I know because my ranger have similar hp as them with perfect choice of gears.


    This game is money oriented so don't waste time just to compare classes.

    So again it's all about amp not the class.

    Cmon you can try to compare it, with the same amp you can do damage as other melee classes.


    So you think it's ok that rangers can kill someone in 5 seconds? yea me too  :facepalm:  Imagine 3 vs. 3 barb vs. ranger ( since this game not really about 1 vs. 1 cause we all not 1 faction with a "duel system") rangers all attack 1 target with blessing on, barb dies, while ranger still have blessing they kill other barb, barb dies, and the other one? game over...

    even if all barbs charge and attack one person, the others can still use scatter to save the other guy,

    I'm not saying rangers are too strong or other classes are too weak, I'm saying why the duck do rangers get x2 damage while they are ranged and have 2 disables??  :facepalm:  And yes I've played a ranger using genie quest reward bow and killed many easily, try level up blessing and then you will know how ducking OP rangers are..

    #EDIT: Your ranger is level 14 right? why don't you try PvP with level 14 shaman, rogue, or barb with equal level gears and +

    I don't see how you'd have trouble killing a level 15 barb or is it a level 20 barb you talking about?

  12. It's just that rangers can kill someone in 2-8 seconds, I don't think that's right  :nea:  So what if rogue can kill someone in 1 hit? NOT EVERYONE IS A LEVEL 13 DRUID WITH LVL 12 EQUIPS  :facepalm: and shamans can't be touched? atleast they can't kill you in 5 seconds  :tease: Barbs high HP? use skills or call Gwapito  :lol: ;D  Druid heal too high? well they don't have blind just root, I don't think that's too much  :yahoo: Bladedancer? TANKS that can do 850-1000 dmg, a bit OP but they are melee  :aggressive: See the difference? rangers can kill someone too fast, they have trap & scatter too which makes them good kiters too  :shout: :shok:

  13. It used to be Mountain Clans but now we die at 2nd or 3rd boss like noob  :facepalm:  Elves make it to Anax killing mob with they machine gun ( Rangers ) ranger army with blessing = all mobs dead = no one gets attacked = no one dies, I think you get it  :tease:


    how about rogue? Invisibel.. Pvp  alway hidden" advantage rogue. invis rogue win 1st atack then other class.. Any class have special skil.

    Trap ranger good for  rogue lol

    cause ranger cant see hidden player. If ranger good. Why dnt create ranger hero. Gm will happy cause u will buy m.coin more more and more. Gm got profit lol.


    I don't think you read a single post in this thread besides the topic name, lol  :facepalm:  level 1 rangers can trap MCs like gods while the higher levels kill them, that's what we talk about, not about invisible and creating ranger sht  :wacko:
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