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  1. Ofcourse he's rich, he's being paid to kill after all ;D
  2. Not the first time, we also got spammed before, It got deleted before you saw it :blush:
  3. some marathon from Camp of legion to 1st camp :lol: :lol: Kidwiz won ;D then chill in snow place ;D the end ;D And let's not forget noob Yama gay ;D
  4. Bye Bye Panda :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray:
  5. Sullaa said he give 20k mc if u give ur ID to him :facepalm: I'm surprised people were so stupid to even give him their ID, only idiots wud do that :facepalm:
  6. My friend lost his axe, and YES he USED that SIGN thing, he bought 10 signs & 10 damage spheres, guess what happened, yeah..... He LOST it! :facepalm: And don't try saying we're wrong, it happened, he used a sign on each Amplify and lost his axe... could you explain why that happened? was his sign expired? or out of date? :facepalm: We want the truth, cause this is like stealing you know, someone can Sew Warspear for this.... please take it seriously and don't keep thinking it's always right, He used signs on each amplify cause he wanted to reach +10 & lost it :facepalm: that's exactly what happened...
  7. Bladedancer/Barb is overpowered, if they have the right equip and enchants they will be mega tank and BD's new skill was improved, Rangers are also dangerous with this Amplify thing they can do very big damage with Blessing and all those combos, If you all think ranger is noob, why don't you see my friend Species PvP with someone? or even Vic, they are prolly the best rangers cause they don't cry and have good combos, rouge got raped cuz of stealth crap update & druid & shaman lost some moon but maybe they still kick ass in PvP, who knows :wacko:
  8. All server off :shok: what happen? maybe server crashed again? please fix asap :)
  9. I killed some Green ranked creatures got nothing so far..... Is this really working? or just bosses drop? tested yellow ones, they don't drop.....
  10. We all feeling sexy :wacko: ;D
  11. Because all those weakling elves who cried cause they were so stupid to think of a plan, for example that stupid noob crybaby Vendetta and those 2 people who made those 2 topics cause they so nooooob to kill a rouge... well you all know... next update make elf weaker, maybe Decrease there attack by 150? that will make this game " Balanced " :facepalm:
  12. Many pandas in game , ofc you smell panda :shok: ;D
  13. Guess ;D I give you clue... The one who always gets banned :blush:
  14. Stop crying guys, who's the one who did it? did Warspear force you to do that? :wacko: Your fault so don't force them to give it all back, it's as Sulla said " Money Trap ", you waste all your cash on mc just to Amplify and you end up loosing the item, that's why there is that "Sign" thing to avoid things from breaking, but I ain't stupid enough to buy 50 of them to Amplify 2 swords while people with 2H weapons use 20 :facepalm: Plus gotta buy Spheres too....
  15. Poor Sulla can't play, Who's gonna chase down those runners with me & Yunzhii? :'( If only someone gave donation to him ;D
  16. My Bladedancer owned a barb, he had Amplify on his weapon and I didn't amplify anything, he charged, I was half HP, did Flash strike crit and he deads :blush: but that ain't gonna convince me to leave my beloved Mountain Clan :give_rose:
  17. No for Eregion, He doesn't follow some rules here :facepalm:
  18. That's nothing, A lvl 14 shaman did 2k attack on my BD, died with 2 hits :lol: :lol: :lol: Too bad we didn't get to enjoy it before server went down ;D
  19. Nice Fixes :good: Can you also fix that crossing loading thing? you know, when your being attacked by many mobs at the crossing it take long time to get to other side.. Can you also tell us about the new runes & crystals? how much does it add per level? Cause I don't wanna waste on buying all of them if it's just weaker than the old Runes & Crystals. Please also change the gifts from the Surprise box for higher levels, I mean, What's a level 18 gonna do with a level 1 crystal? :wacko:
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