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  1. check shops, taverns, caves. everywhere in 1st island for quest, :wacko:
  2. I was amping my stuff then suddenly lost my cloak at +1, I remember that Unlive said that +1 is safe.... or is warspear devs scammers? :facepalm:
  3. They should make melee classes have a new skill, like you have another energy bar but it's for running, then you get to run like drogon or Parantir's guards when you on it or slower :wacko: and you need to rest to regen your energy
  4. English ;D Yes, He been online before he uses Hidden mode like other devs/mods do, he busy man ;D
  5. yes, BG cape. someone in our server got same
  6. Not really, My computer can't connect to the internet but connects to warspear.
  7. Must be your connection then, or try from a different computer :wacko:
  8. Connect through computer, my phone can't connect either.
  9. I always see 2 druids camping behind a tree in arena and rooting and running then cheapshotting, Rangers just camp at their base and trap and then scatter... :facepalm: Never seen a shaman camp and blind and earth and sht :wacko: they just blind 1 and rape the other :tease:
  10. You guys keep saying Rouges hit 1000, BD's hit 1000, well why don't you noobs just shut up, How the F can a BD do what Alonso14 just said to ranger/shaman/druid when he can't even get near them since they have blind/scatter/earth/root, and rouges have 30/100 chance against ranged classes, depends on crits, dodge, and skill timing. if the rouge gets unlucky he dies in 3 seconds or 10 if he gets lucky dodges :facepalm: Barb's have the highest chance against melee thanks to charge + their high defense. and as I've noticed they increased ranged classes/NPCs range in an update... :facepalm: now they can hide behind some obstacles and get cheapshots while enemy has to run to him and loses half of his hp..
  11. Slay is not Filipino, he just knows some words :wacko:
  12. Barbs are the only ones who have a big chance against ranged class, Rouges suffer even though they have stealth Bladedancers have more HP & Def, My rouge couldn't even beat a druid with 180 heal & 180 moon, he just uses root step back and he full hp again :facepalm: and I die from good rangers ( not the extreme rangers like Gwapito, he too hard :wacko: ) they kill me by the time I strike them in stealth, they don't even need trap with blessing + crit :wacko: Bladedancers have chance against Rangers since they have high def & hp just need to Hamstring them fast then they like a stealthless rouge. idk against druids/shamans :wacko: Hamstring them so they can't heal/root/lightning? then hope he die :wacko:
  13. Filipino clan :shok: OMG, Joyskie & Ladymage are pinoys too :shok: btw, Notyheroy = Notyking & other Noty's? :wacko: Best of luck to ya guys, I'm filipino too but I speak poor tagalog ;D
  14. Fire daemon ( Powerful Torturer ) drops lvl 17 stuff, no set bonus just useless dark def stuff ( cloak, ring, weapons ) 4th boss - 8th boss drop lvl 18 stuff with set bonus
  15. Sulla likes doing anal, but too bad the rate no good ;D
  16. He got hacked, now he goes with noobs and camp anywhere where MCs pass, yesterday they camped Shaman Utlagi killing everyone til they died :wacko:
  17. I played the first Twelve Sky, Didn't really like it, just do same things again and again :wacko:
  18. strygwyr9

    "Hack" sities.

    they suck at spelling, WHIT :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  19. Yun was my rouge's pet at 1st island, made it to lvl 13 in 1 day :wacko: And let's not forget Mcmaster and Sunnysmart :blush: ;D
  20. You went on vacation ;D
  21. Yea, 2 weapons hit slow but 1 hits faster.
  22. No, Hassn is just weak cause he play 20 online games and he pay more money on the others, in one game he is the most strongest he have all best equip and all +50 :wacko: He kill anyone in like 1 hit and revive anywhere and teleport and spam pots 10x faster than anyone could ;D
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