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  1. Anax drops the weapons, Medusa helm, Echidna gloves, I'm not sure who drop Armour or Boots, maybe eyes, echidna, medusa? :wacko: Russians have many secret items that they don't show to public ;D
  2. how long have you played rogue? keep using gouge on random mobs, sometimes it fails - usually on labyrinth mobs
  3. no that's not the problem, the problem is cooldown - too long, other disables got faster CD and It fails allot for some reason even when you gouge while stealth and didn't attack they still move
  4. Hassn + Suprememan :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb:
  5. what gift you want? barbie? ;D
  6. This would be good, maybe then devs actually listen to our suggestion, Odin you gonna do this?
  7. Ranger with 100 dmg? then that's rogue food cause he'd prolly have like 1100 hp. Barbs are now superior to ranged classes cause of charge well that's ok cause they been garbage since 0.7 til they got charge :tease: unless his enemy kiting expert :facepalm: and against enemies who hit 1000 dmg at the beginning I have 1 word to say to you " trap ", for shamans " earthquake " for druids more harder :tease: IDK, heal yourself and barskin :wacko: then root, run back, bee, and kill
  8. нет, но я видел лезвия там, если я помню, что это имя было "Клинок Внезапная гибель" ;D
  9. это поклон, который они получили, он не был с ними, что время, так как он выйти из игры и выходит в Сеть редко, он думал, что они получили на уровне 18 лет, но это было действительно 17 уровня с 3-го босса :facepalm: до сих пор никто не получил 18 уровня оружия, кроме русских.
  10. Made it to elf 3rd boss with 3 people and noob heal ( Granite Guard quest staff :facepalm: ) but still made it :wacko:
  11. Happy chinese new year ;D Maybe get my BD a cloak for present? :facepalm: ;D
  12. ничего себе, мы стараемся, чтобы убить Медузу с 1 шаман, 3 жуликов, 1 варвара. но потерпел неудачу. Сколько зелья вы использовали? :wacko: мы получили 6 капель от медузы, когда мы 2 группы извините за неправильный язык, я использую переводчика ;D -Mercurial - EU - Emerald server :)
  13. it doesn't make any difference, Russians are humans, so are you ;D
  14. Russians made it to medusa - 4 people.
  15. Затем я начинаю 901 :blush: ;D До свидания, приятно говорить с вами, ребята :friends:
  16. I hit 1001! on bosses, +5 & +4 swords, 9,5% penetration ( Could get 10%+ but I don't have mc or gold to buy mshop pene crystal for my lvl 17 ring :tease:
  17. what full penetration? ;D It just that swords & daggers are the only weapons without penetration, and I don't really care cause I hit 1001! on bosses with +5 & +4 weapons while others hit 900+ ;D
  18. Нет, они не получили 18 уровня лука и сотрудников, они получили уровне 17. Извините за неправильный язык, я использую переводчика ;D
  19. Rangers get too much advantage, they had the lowest damage then now they have the highest damage thanks to blessing, they already range, why should they have the most damage? :wacko: IMO, ranged classes should have the lowest damage since they can get 1-3 cheapshots in beginning,Anyways people go back to topic about RANGED vs. MELEE, enough with this class bullshit :wacko:
  20. and who said Rangers & Rogues can't tank??
  21. Well since rogues have LONG cooldown skills I have a simple suggestion, Remove Energy expense for Stealth cause rogues really need energy for their Gouge, stealth, Strike combo and makes it easier to re-stealth at crossing when near mobs and impossible to regen energy :wacko: And why is gouge cooldown so high? seriously it's quite stupid since other disable skills have lower cooldowns, atleast decrease it to 15 cooldown. Increase Stealth duration in each level, but not really too much to avoid unli stealth in arena to draw matches. Other Suggestions : Make auto-heal for druid/shaman so you don't have to keep clicking on heal and target Make speed more effective add more costumes ;D Add 2nd floor in Labyrinth :tease: Fix Taunt/Aggression ( stupid skill, only used for taking boss aggro for 2 seconds :facepalm: Unless you rich kid with +8-10 axe :wacko: ) add energy regen to some items. :good: ( you can replace the energy bonus in rings with regen and it will make it easier for low levels at 1st island won't have to buy energy pots & food or crystal :wacko: ) that's all, thanks.
  22. WTF? 1200 with dagger, you are rogue god :shok:
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