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  1. you said Shyleen took the mcoins, didn't we solve this problem already? we already know who took the mcoins idiot now stop accusing shyleen of taking it cause it wasn't her it was that old bank operator.
  2. So what exactly are you trying to say? 2 people took mcoins from Mend?
  3. Shyleen was on vacation when it happened, why don't you ask who really did it, seriously stop all this ducking fake bullshit, ask every member who took the mcoins from bank, we have 2 witnesses already.. anyways that's history, why'd you brought it back and accused shy? huh?
  4. Idiots :bad: You guys are really retarded, we already know who took bank mcoins, shut the duck up and stop accusing people of shit just cause they your ducking enemy. ducked up noobs, this what made FoF shit. :facepalm: and she was on vacation that time, ask her family here in the Philippines for proof, ask everyone who saw her on vacation :facepalm: and it's not just Shy i'm talking about that people call traitors, it's the FoF members who went to MC
  5. Get google chrome, automatic translation, save time going to google translate 8)
  6. I suggest amplify 3 times, day, afternoon, night, if still not adding after 1 week sell them and continue your life with +6 weapons ;D atleast u rich gold man, throw gold to enemy :lol: OR MAYBE, Signs only work for people who buys them from mcoins :shok:
  7. actually, all classes are balanced, but they are not all balanced in 1 vs. 1, but the thing why rangers are too overpowered is cause they are overpopulated, and 1 ranger = 1/2 ranger, so 2 rangers would make the damage of 3 rangers, so in war 2 rangers would add another ranger making them more populated :wacko: Shaman have a area effect skill that makes enemies not move, but a little useless in war since 50% rangers 35% druids 15% BD, and while earth'd you can still attack, only good for initiating battles, kiting and against melee classes and this what I think about class 1vs1 balance, Shaman Overpowered Ranger Overpowered Druid Balanced ( if good kiter then overpowered ) Barb Balanced - they can charge to ranged classes and high def & hp with strong attack good against melee Rogues weak - can still go near ranged class but 1 stun or knockback then they finished due to low hp & def and THEIR STUN USELESS Bladedancers weak - cannot go near ranged class but have high hp & def + sap reduce attacks, prolly top on melee classes together with barb, they beat rogues, a rogue hamstring'd and sap'd is like a rogue without a weapon, requires perfect hamstring timing to own rogues and sap timing too, rogues 1200 crit will be 600 crit with perfect timing. only problem for them is ranged class, I suggest blind cause if they give them charge then rogues are history in melee
  8. Lol, he made a suggestion about trade chat, he say he dunno what people wanna sell cause people make trade chat into world chat :lol: but If they add world chat then people will sell there since trade chat only work in town, lol :lol:
  9. Ok, let's stop this calling slay bad words stuff, Slay said forget bout it. But shyleen was on ducking vacation when Mend mcoins went low, actually she was suppose to make a rogue with me but she was busy with her family, It is already clear who took the mcoins, there are 2 witnesses, they say that guy offer them signs and random shit but he already paid for his mistakes, and yet now you guys blame shyleen? To all new members of clan: now people from FoF call Shyleen and other FoF who changed to MC traitors? wtf is your ducking problem idiots, It's a ducking war game, FoF is not a clan were in you don't get attacked by MC, it's a ducking family, learn the difference, go play a game with 1 faction... and I can't believe you guys take it seriously, so if a bad MC killed you while you doing BG quest you wouldn't mind it but If an friend/clan ally kills you at War you act like they raped your family infront of you? I suggest you leave this clan if you don't know the meaning of it, it's not for being famous, it's not for not being attacked by MCs, it's not for sharing drops and hunting together and all those bullshit It is a family or group of friends and people who help each other and help other people together, it is so that we will be more closer than friends and actually be a family. If you take advantage of this clan I suggest you better get kicked out.
  10. Yes, Now I have 3 swords, I have a new test item, +3 Flamberge, let's see how high it reaches, my old test sword reached +6 no sign I want +7 now :blush: ;D
  11. Let me explain to you, my BD got +20 damage than my rogue with both at +2..so my rogue got bonus 100 HP, my HP regens every 5 seconds and then my BD +4% damage will stack every 2 seconds, If the PvP last about 1 min that would be an amount of +600 damage while my rogue gets +100 to block some damage and turn that 600 to 500 damage and since my rogue doesn't get bonus regen to go with my bonus HP then that means by the time my BDs bonus damage overtakes my bonus HP then that means he gets bonus damage that stacks 100% every 2 seconds, I don't really know how to explain, but I think this post would be clear enough, try it yourself, you will understand.. and remember my rogue would have 50% of his total regen ( 40 hp regen ) which makes his bonus hp useless, but I think shamans would benefit from it if he does PvP with astral set - which no one actually does cause rangers would still rape them :wacko:
  12. x3 +5 arena swords x2 +4 & 3 arena dagger x2 +3 Helm of Berengar shadow +5 Yellow boots of Inquisitor +4 yellow gloves of Inquisitor +3 armour of inquisitor +5 Light Cloak ( test item ) +9 lvl 13 Barb armour from Lake ( lol my test item :lol: ) +4 Safe Baldric :wacko: :wacko:
  13. we weak, coming from a pathetic elf who plays in US - Elf Wonderland?? is this a joke?? EU mc is x2 stronger than US mc, cause we have x2 the population so it would be easy for hunting, cc quest, bg and etc.Anyways, it is clear that level 1 trap is just as good enough than level 5, the duration is enough and it's clear rangers are overpowered angels that's why they rape you in 3 seconds :facepalm:
  14. I don't think Shyleen would ever talk shit behind Slay's back, It's like impossible And Jason too, he is a very respectful person, And shy taking bank mcoins are you guys retarded?? seriously It's 100% obvious who took the bank mcoins, unless you a ducking blind shithead. And the reason why we kill FoF members is because of the drama and ducking backstabbers, so far 60% of FoF members have attacked me, and I haven't attacked a single one who didn't attack me, and then there's WoG will all the bullshit lies coming from that son of a ♥♥♥♥♥ young shitduck kid Day :facepalm: Right now I'm pissed off, not because of calling Slay bad stuff, but cause of people accusing people of random shit, Gila if it wasn't you then why were you acting so guilty? I saw PMs on my rogue from Knockuout saying " Did you guys find out who pinoy was talking about? they won't tell " but I was AFK, so I didn't reply, I'm not sure who said that but i'm sure it couldn't have been shyleen or jason.. Anyways Grats to Redkilla, and I agree with wolfdragon, make new topic for clanbook. goodluck to all and goodluck Redkilla :friends:
  15. Don't forget about that bonus 200-500 elves get... while MC get +4% HP which only stacks 5 seconds but the +4% dmg will make that HP go away and it just makes 0.3% difference in PvP, while +4% damage that stacks every 2 seconds, I mean, I wouldn't mind if MC got +20 regen to go with that HP or if MC regen every 2 seconds. Don't believe me? Explore more, use brain, use calculator, and etc etc. Still don't believe?? YUZ A NUBS THAN :wacko:
  16. Just pm mc if need help, we make them hide in 1st island :lol:
  17. You noob? My noob Bladedancer with CC sword and acute falchion beat Sulla with Well-tried Blade & acute gladius, and I beated Marcin again and again, no matter how many crits he do, he still died, though Sulla killed me a couple of times thanks to Well-tried blade, and a Ranger with longbow too beat rogue that time and even Druids, that time everyone all noobs crying cause Rogue can stealth, they don't even see shaman and now they cry about shamans? you guys are pathetic, I've noticed Ranger been OP Since Scatter era until now, even trap makes them stronger... Shamans been strong since Earthquake Druid was same as ranger, always on top, barbs were a pile of shit - usless, Rogues ambushed people and kill in packs or groups, bladedancer owned everyone with Hamstring since Shamans didn't know how OP they were took them a month to learn, but the most pathetic thing was people cried about rogue's stealth, are you serious? I was owning rogues with my BD, they run to nadir like gaylords with their gay stealth while I hamstring them and strike them to death, you guys kept crying and crying never tried.... pathetic.... even now rogue's stealth still no difference, change it back to old version of stealth, rogue still same, you idiots didn't know what makes rogues strong ---- DODGE... a rogue can get up to 35% dodge + kick in back, but you guys focus on invisible like idiots....
  18. Hamstring range is 2-3 steps away, I have perfect connection on Warspear, no lag, no delay, no disconnections ( though sometimes but it's a bug not my connection ) @Jaw It's not the connection, it's the game, the system or graphic whatever is too gay that it makes you see stuff, like example: In Sanc room when u pass the 1st room and all mobs attacking you and then it shows u at crossing then you stay there for like 20 seconds then die, then if your friend sees your corpse it's at crossing then when he leaves room and enters again your corpse will be at middle of mobs. Or that food magic, not sure if you no that bug, but that is also 1 reason. but I don't think this would happen to someone, though I've experienced hamstring from 7-9 steps away, in granite room in goblins all goblins were attacking me then hamstring out of nowhere and then next thing I see is numbers on my head and BD running to me :wacko: But I've tested it, it's 2-3 steps away, sometimes you have to be infront of boss, IDK, it's just like Charge, it's random, usually when I use barb I just walk infront of mob not charge just walk but then it stuns him and sometimes it's 2 or 3 steps away.
  19. you should see 3 blessings/ 6 attacks, my 2400 HP went to 200 in 1 second from a guy with genie bow +5-7 :bad:
  20. Ask Jaw, I don't use cheats, I am a god :yahoo: BTW, It don't work it's like photoshop or paint :wacko: But changing your HP & Energy not good idea cuz it won't regen and then it will show ur HP & Energy bar not full even if u full hp :tease:
  21. What's abouts de poor rogues who dies in 3 second from ranger :shout:
  22. Read how he asked, He was like commanding us to give him an answer and then how he replies... :facepalm:
  23. now I sound like a dumbass :tease: :lol: but wtf, 24 seconds? can put 3 traps around u then rogue has no chance :facepalm:
  24. You click on the skill icon then it will shows circle thing with star-like object inside then you click in destination where you want to place the trap ( trying to sound smart-ass :lol: :lol: :lol: ) :dirol:
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