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  1. Lol dude no more talk. fight me or no? you don't need to see me to fight either ill let you know when I see you


    Lol when I see you ill tell you my decision. You think I'm stupid or something? I grew up street smart, you think imma let you jump me with a couple of your middle school friends? Please kid lol, show yourself or basically your backing down. You just a little kid on the internet obviously. Your right, no more talk. Your not worth my time.

  2. So you admit you're a hypocrite, and you just lied. so you're delusional.


    Nope I'm not either, I wasn't acting hard what so ever so no I'm not being a hypocrite or a liar. I was just telling you like it is. Its funny you say I'm delusional after I just called you that, do you have any vocabulary of your own or do you just copy other people and rap?

  3. HAHAHAHAHA OH WOW. Edgeshadow you're a pathetic anti social mexican E-dater and why are you calling him "E-thug"? You're the one that doesn't want to meet up IRL and keeps talking shit on the internet lol. You're just a pathetic skinny mexican nerd, admit it.


    Lol look who finally decided to show up, the big racist in the game. You definately aren't worth my time, ain't you somewhere off in europe or something? Whatever you say definately doesn't affect me. I wasn't the one who tried talking hard over the internet in the first place, incase you are having issues understanding this is called replying back to what was said. You and beast are one in the same, y'all talk so much shit all day because you have absolutely nothing better to do with your time. Its no wonder your defending each other  :rofl:



    Lmao like I said, delusional as duck and to add to it you need some reading comprehension skills. You won't even show a picture of yourself so I know who I'm looking for because you scared. So I'm done lol, go ahead and hide behind your computer. That's your best skill anyways

  5. Yeah, You're stalling right now. Your nothing but a little scared ♥♥♥♥♥ who fears beast. You turned down my call out so you're clearly the scared one.


    When and where did I turn it down? Please quote where I turned it down. I'm either blind or your dumb, we will go with the latter. Your still a stupid shit talking kid. You so scared to put a pic up because you afraid that I might actually find you. You took 10 minutes to write that I'm afraid of you? Please ♥♥♥♥♥, you ain't nothing but a name to me. Your a nobody and a shit talker and always will be. You hide behind your computer/phone and make empty threats, your trash kid. You ain't from Detroit. I bet your ass is from sterling heights or some other suburb if you even from michigan at all. Your a delusional teenager and need to stop watching the movie 8 mile and thinkin that's where you from or something. Open your basement door sometime, your mother in reality land is probably calling you for dinner. 

  6. You don't need to see what I look like. Are you gonna fight or not pussy.


    :lol: :lol: :rofl: :rofl:  :rofl: :rofl:


    Exactly what I thought, you scared ♥♥♥♥♥. I'm done. You ain't even worth my time. You just a shit talker, thank you for proving it. All talk  :rofl: :rofl: I ducking knew it. E-thug lmao



    Nevermind I found your pic  :lol:


  7. And fighting with you is pointless because you're scared to fight me in real life.


    You still duckin stalling! Throw up a pic you scared ♥♥♥♥♥. Why you so afraid to do it? You talk about fighting in real life yet you scared to reveal what you look like. You gotta be one of those kids all the people in school pick on so lash out over the internet talkin shit all day. I'm just going to assume that's the issue. Your all talk. I don't have shit else to say to you til you stop hiding behind another persons picture.

  8. HAHA, So is that a NO? PUSSY. Oh BTW people don't like me because I give you a reason, People naturally hate eisha .


    Still waiting on that pic of your real self kid, you know what I look like. You too scared to show what you look like? I didn't say no. Where in what I said did I say that? You don't call the shots here. Throw up a pic, you still stalling. You obviously have a hard time reading? :unknw:

  9. You'd think but I don't go around saying "Haters" like Eisha's dumbass. And edge stfu you won't do shit. With a name like "EdgeShadow" lol. Bro you're a grown man. Get a real Girlfriend, Funny how you avoided that comment from my last post. If you wanna fight pm me time and date. So if I ain't shit this should be your last post. If you don't pm me than sir you are a pussy.


    Lol or I just don't care what you think about what I do, you see the thing is when it comes down to it your opinion about things don't matter or phase me. Time and date? Naw dude you already issued that challenge. You can send me the time and date, throw up a real pic of yourself instead of some rapper and stop makin yourself look like you somethin else to these 3rd world players.

  10. Lol please beast, you don't know shit about me kid. You just a little shit talker over the internet. You won't do nothing but hide behind your screen, your too young for me to send to the hospital anyways, what are you like 14? Putting up a pic of yelawolf don't make you hard. Throw up a real pic of you or are you scared someone on the internet might see you after all your shit talking and curb stomp you one day? Its pretty easy to talk over the internet and sit in mommys basement right? Old? Nah not old, grown is more the term. What's funny is how affected you are that you say your gonna beat my ass  :rofl: time to snap back to reality lil man

  11. @Legionn I find all of this funny to be honest, I don't even know how many attempts we made to help you in the first place. You say everyone left you? We went mc because we wanted to and we even told you one facebook that if you wanted to stay with us then make a character and come with us which you didn't even respond to, then 2 weeks later you come online as a rogue named darkdante asking me for gold and a recruit outfit before that. Now you use the fact you found a trade for me as something to hang over my head for some type of compensation. Let me tell you something about the way real friends work, if someone in my clan or one of my friends is looking for something and I happen to find it. Never will you see me attempt to use it in some type of arguement or whatever and hang it over their head so this way I can get something in return. That's pathetic and not only that I had already talked to that trader about trading before you even knew about it. Thanks for the concern tho. As for pvp, don't even try and use pvp as an attempt to show how big your balls are or what type of dimeanor you have because if that's the case you losing vs me like 6 outta 7 fights must mean something right? Oh you did get me once. Good job  :clapping: Standing ovation for you.



    @ Beastmodes. You calling someone uneducated is hilarious. Getting a small vocabulary from a few rap songs doesn't make you educated. Your still a dumb kid who has nothing better to do then sit around and talk about absolutely nothing all day in trade chat actin hard over the internet. What's funny is english is eishas second language and she still has a larger vocabulary in it then you do. Your trash and a perfect example of why Detroits school are terrible. Thanks for representing my state so nicely. Thanks for making it look so pathetic instead of showing some dignity. Grow up you wannabe.


    @PrettyPinay ..... I love you :give_rose:

  12. I think barbarians should be able to use 2handed hammers and paladins should be able to use 1handed swords.. I mean it only makes sense right? Barbarians are about brute force so 2handed hammers fit the cliche and paladins are about precision and grace. Seriously devs should fix these to work this way.... But they don't listen to us anyways so may as well not even waste our time..

  13. Lol I hate to get literal and start stuff but when you take a book and put another book on top of it that makes it stacked right? Stacked means more than one on top of the other, hence "stacked"... I believe your looking for the word enhanced... And deathly stare doesn't enhance.. it stacks.. same with poison and chop and hamstring.. they can stack

  14. great? i dont agree this ur bone shield is turn off in 1 hit of my rogue and this happend

    Опубликованное фото

    ascetic----> +10 arena sword + +9 rondel of sudden doom

    bekapod-----> a random partner had lvl13 or lv12 swords without amps

    so necromancers arent OP



    Lol you struggled to win 1 and got wrecked 5 or 6x earlier  :yahoo: good job, why don't you post pics of the other ones? Like the one you died in 2 hits?  :wacko:

  15. I havent played forsaken or warlock, but I know how to manage earthquake :) so if they work the same I might be able to help with accuracy.


    the most important thing when you place a aoe skill is that the target is in the area when your char starts the spell. (idk if puddle has cast time like quake, but I assume so) if the target is in the aoe effected area when your mages starts casting sequense you will get him even if he leaves the area by the time your spell is finnished casting. Now puddle is a dot idk if this means you get 1 or 2 free dots even if targets outside puddle? But the basic mechanics of aoe casting. Is their any dot trouble with targets walking into puddle? For more info on casting aoe spell quake you can read my shaman spellbook thread or ask more here and ill try to aswer from my quake experiences.



    I have been messing around with it some more and I realized that if you are auto targetting something/someone and you attempt to use the area effect spell you will move to your targets point and cast the spell there. Its kind of a pain because you have to tap off of the target and then restart casting your aoe spell to keep your distance or end up moving into them. However I am getting much better with it. Yes the targets sometimes run thru the circle or puddle and totally get missed but other times they will be outside of the circle and get hit. This is a pretty bad display bug, I would like to see developers make it more accurate. It would be nice.

  16. I'm personally liking it so far, the area effect skills however are difficult to aim and when they do land on the intended target it doesn't quite seem they get affected by it sometimes or you will see something getting hit a panel or 2 outside the circles. I'm thinking that maybe this is a desync issue and would love the devs to check it out.


    Also I experience it many times where my character will move to my target area rather than just cast on the spot I tapped on. I had similar issues with shaman earthquake. Anyone have any tips or advice on how to use these better? Or is this not intended to happen? Am I doing something wrong?

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