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  1. I can see that being possible if one is lvl 2 And other is lvl 5, that would make 10% Only adds 7%, still another 3% uncounted for but merc explained. I'm curious what the real % is tho ;D
  2. Ok.. please tell me how its possible to have more defense % with less defense stat? Your lower defense stat has 59% but your higher has 49%? :unknw:
  3. I'm full k.w and those dodge stats are with the skill on. I didn't claim that was my base dodge I even said my dodge skill was on ;D And she's right I like to talk stats so >:D
  4. Lol I promise you my stats are not photoshopped at all although some other factors might be :tease: . Dodge skill is on and its only lvl 2 and ill let you figure out how I got that high of pene. Merc already gave a clue :blush:
  5. Lol umm.. I killed your ranger and you came crying to me. Don't think that because your using a noob cannon that anyone is scared. Trust me that's not the case :rofl:
  6. Lol sorry to say how wrong you are. Arena partners feed off of each other and good partners know this. Arena is a team match, not singular. She is every bit as good at her character as I am at mine. Thanks tho ;)
  7. Lol by your analysis we shouldn't even have factions then, this is a faction based game which basically means its a tug of war between factions to become the strongest and most united faction. You apparently don't understand the actual meaning of this game. Trading with an enemy would be good in one way but have a negative effect in another. It doesn't balance out. Mc and elf factions have different economies. It is totally different. If you had played both you would understand the difference. I won't explain the difference because I rather see your "analytic" on that. This is the only true solution to this problem unless they provide current classes with ways to use the items we don't need. I don't see a dark user on chosen side or a bow user on mc side anytime soon so this is what needs to be done or give each faction an npc buyer that buys the non faction items for market value from the opposing factions market averages.
  8. Lol you even read what I said? I'm not using cloth armor as a reason for imbalance. Bless is the imbalance and this skill is even worse with amps. You totally dismissed what I said to look on your own view. Read again what I said about barbarians. I said "when were barbs ever a problem" which was implying that rangers still didn't have a problem vs barbs. If your going to write a novel to me at least try and use some reading comprehension when I write one back
  9. I'm not singling out the opposing dps class at all, I have always thought rangers were overpowered even when I was on elf side as a druid. My opinions are opinions but truly they are more so a fact. This has nothing to do with class rivalry. This has to do with cold hard facts and the current trend of the game. When people are consistantly flocking to one class there is a reason for it. I'm sorry but when were barbarians ever a rangers weakness and especially now that charge has less chance to stun? When I see a barbarian charge a ranger that has bless active die within a few shots from a ranged class at melee distance drop from 560! 560! 800! 560! Drop within a flat second there is an issue. Yes shamans can put up a fight against a ranger who half knows their class but when it comes right down to it cloth armor is way too low to even make a difference and most shamans have to sacrifice their main defense heal if they want to use resilience to help vs the super high penetration and crit light armor wearers have which basically turns them into a glass cannon as well and when it comes right down to it healing classes are not good at this type of build. Warlocks are basically that type of shaman. They have 2 stuns and dot effects but this doesn't stop a rangers ranged bless shots on cloth armor and this class is easy to defend against with astral lab armor(which is another issue that still hasn't been solved) the main point is the double damage with chance of crits on top of that is ridiculous. Of course they can and I don't disagree with this but is it perhaps not a little odd that something that supposedly has a "40% chance" to proc really procs like 90% of the time? Dont try and fight against this and don't think I never had a ranger either. I know how they work. I made a lvl 10 with max bless and lvl 3 scatter and tested them with +6 bow and was dropping decent lvl 15 players in bg bg and arena gear amped within a few seconds. The chance of bless was roughly 80-90% when I used the ranger. I have since deleted it because I felt dirty playing it Melee can't get to you because you have scatter and traps, one stops them and the other launchs them across the room.. and you already stagger them when you shoot them. Yes you are good at kiting and I understand this and I don't think you are skilless but the fact of the matter is a ranger doesn't even need to move to destroy a melee. All they have to do is stand still, proc bless and scatter and unload and the melee usually dies before they even get to them.. other ranged classes are normally easy targets for rangers also due to cloth armor and light armors penetration which makes their defense on a mid amped cloth class roughly 10%. Now let's assume the ranger has a +5 bow, we will go with maybe 250 damage? I don't know exact damage of all amps obviously but 10% coverage of 250 is 25 making a normal attack from a ranger 225. Most cloth using classes have roughly 1800 so basically a ranger within their first 3 shots which all happen basically simultaneous can drop them from full to zero within in a moment. Normal attack, power then normal each with a chance of critical and bless damage. Assume 2 blesses activate one with a crit and one normal attack with a crit 450! + 450! + 475 (power strike) +225 + 225 = 1875 where does that leave most cloth classes? That's not even worst case scenario. Given the examples above I don't see how there is a possibility of that unless they are simply out skilling you. Most of the lvl 13 equipment has a higher level equivalent with higher stats so I donno what you mean.. they are all basically the same. Sometimes with a stat switched around on some pieces. As for a rogues stun this depends on the setup, I personally don't use max gouge, its not practical for open war or 1v1. Decent for arena but other than that gouge is useless for what I do. Obviously.
  10. Lol funny how defensive you are about your own class. Notice how ranger was the only class I said that about? Its because obviously I believe every other class besides ranger takes skill, not just rogue. You can try and hide the fact that ranger is completely overpowered from people who don't actually pay attention to balance but you won't hide it from anyone with half an understanding of pvp balance. Sarcasm really isn't your strong suit. Your no good at it ;)
  11. Barbarian - Zythus, Foxlovenix both are tough and know their class. I consider them equals honestly Rogue - Ill leave this blank Shaman - Yimmio, she always catches me in quake :wacko: haha but she can kite with the best of them Deathknight - Deafknight, not many stand out besides him Warlock - Reaperdark, definately the toughest one so far I have fought Necro - Kiyomi hands down. She's my arena partner and she is a perfect blend of defense and support Bladedancer - Kaworu, he isn't amped high and is probably still the toughest bd to vs against. Ranger - This is tough since this class is overpowered, anyone can be good with this class. I can't really consider anyone who runs a class that doesn't require anything but casting bless and scatter a skilled player of the class. Sorry rangers but that's my opinion Druid - I honestly don't know on this.. I haven't fought any as of late that are really skilled. Paladin - There was a lvl 19 paladin I fought in arena yesterday who was pretty good, can't remember his name but he was best I fought so far Mage - None come to mind Priest - None come to mind on this one either, still haven't seen a truly pro one.
  12. Make it look just like grinchs cape and get rid of the triangle shape cuz it looks horrible. The flake design can be white and keep the rest the same color black and it would look amazing. :clapping:
  13. I think I would prefer being able to use more crystals in weapons, like I understand we have damage type crystals for weapons but why only those? I don't see why we can't use speed, pene, crit etc instead of damage in our weapons. Would give us more customization for our builds. I could be raw damage or choose among other things. Weapons should be able to use any of the crystals really.
  14. Tell me.. what school did you go to where they taught you that 4+2 = 10? :unknw:
  15. Well there is ways around abusing it such as they have to be in the party or connected in some way. Another option would be to have something outside of the actual game itself where you get a list of fights happening and you can jump in to spectate them so it wouldn't involve anything to do with ingame. I don't really see a problem with people needing to refuse spectators. Either way someone is watching... :wacko:
  16. Ya, exactly how I was picturing it. Basically able to scroll entire arena to watch everything.
  17. Simple idea, I have friends who sometimes just want to watch the arena fights I have. For instance my girl could record the fights in arena for me and a friend being able to spectate the fight. Simply have an option to be spectator only when entering arena. I think it would be a cool idea. Not everyone wants to be in the fights we have but like to watch. Obviously shouldn't cost any tickets because spectators wouldn't get any reward or anything. Their character wouldn't even be shown there. Any thoughts?
  18. You have no point, your elf, my rogue is not. Your boss gets stolen then oh well. But just for your info I never camped mechanic for anywhere near an hour. I got there on lunch break, killed it, logged, logged on and killed some elves mechanic and killed him too. Sucks to be them. Oh well ;)
  19. Edgeshadowwalk

    New patch

    Ya and you "sucker punched" my barb when I was runnin around minding my own business and don't feed me any "I didn't know who your barb was" crap either because you used to pvp it. Eye for an eye "traitor" :facepalm:
  20. Edgeshadowwalk

    New patch

    Snorlax, at least make the chances of getting to small ravva higher. Seriously searching for 4hours or more is completely crazy just to get to where you need to be. Running around all day just to find this area is the worst part of this patch. Please for the love of this game give us an easier way to get to the small side of the swamp. It was already hard to get there before but now its nearly impossible and don't tell me to go farm. I want to quest and enjoy doing so.
  21. I am in no way complaining about people getting gear in the game nor the market. I have farmed plenty enough and still welcome the swamp, my entire point that I don't think people are grasping is the style at which this game has changed since swamp. Before it was working together to accomplish goals and the loner had to work a little harder to get what they want. Now its just all about loners getting lucky. What makes that fun? Isn't the goal in a war/mmo game to accomplish things as a team? Sure I randomly find my clan and we help each other but for 5 minutes? Why do factions matter if enemies are working side by side and not uniting with their own faction to accomplish their goals? This is the point I'm trying to get across. I could give 2 shits less about the way the economy has crashed and the rich are getting poorer, I welcome a more even playing field but this is just chaos and one simple switch can fix it... Get rid of random teleporting... Bam fixed.
  22. Lol are you kidding me right now? This is a war game "war" is in the title of the game which makes this true. If you want to farm for quests then you should be united with your friends/group/faction and drive out the opposing faction. That's what makes this game what it is. If I wanted to play a single player game I would go play zelda. It has the same concept except no other players.
  23. Instead of people going off one by one and dying whole groups will die. Many groups have mcoins and spend them to revive to stay with their group. In my opinion getting rid of the random teleport makes it less about luck and more about skill. These classes according to snorlax when it comes to pvp were designed for "group play" well if that's true then why divide us? Its silly and needs to be changed. The isolation of everyone makes the game less fun and people are already getting bored because of it. I understand this swamp is meant as a way to get items without farming and you could just farm with your group but I rather quest with my group and they feel the same. Farming is tedious and boring and I would love to see something with this swamp that allows us to work as a group to accomplish goals. Afterall, like slay said this is a mmo game. Mmos are meant to play together in some type of groups. This is far from that. This is like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off randomly running around looking for their head. Restore the unity devs, if you want this game to survive its what needs to be done.
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