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  1. Well, growing up I always seen christmas stories with themes like this. Christmas was always about miracles and that sort of thing growing up. Not a lot of poor children have a good christmas and its pretty sad for me to see that. Basically I wanted a moral when creating this. Props goes out to keizsha for helping me make this.




  2. Cleansing swamp from high amped warlock hoping to find naked players but finds a druid in astral gear. Who doesn't love arena pots? Too bad no troll dancing picture thats always a shame  :(


    Lol I attack literally everyone in swamp. Trust me I don't care if your naked or fully geared and I'm not even a high amp warlock, enough to make you pot though ;)  Anyways, I retract to my original statement. Nice pot noob  ;D


    incentive? you didnt have any motivation till everybody else did when they "thought" getting first place in DEAD TIER HIGHSCORES would reward you with anything but the arena points you earned per match. hurr durr im too poor to be "good" in 2 vs 2 let me spam tickets for the last remaining few days since i know you can get uber cool 1337 costume if i play in arena matches that nobody does. (may i remind you aigrind was aware of nobody playing in 3vs3 and 5vs5 last update, otherwise they'd have no reason to change it next season) you actually think you deserve anything? those highscores were up for a year and werent active until last week.



    all 10 of you complaining for 3vs3 and 5vs5  :facepalm: :facepalm:



    Excuse me know it all but let's get something straight right now, before this prize even came at all I was first rank 5x5 because all of mc were going random 5x5. What you didn't know? We actually did it every single night and even spammed you elves to join but y'all are too chicken shit to even go 5x5 so mc had a bunch of fun for awhile and for your information I was also top 20 2x2 so I obviously joined arena quite a bit. Do I think I deserve for 5x5? Of course. Why? Because we did in fact put a lot of work into 5x5 top ranks for the fun of it. So before you open your gaping mouth to put your foot in it get your facts straight and pay attention.

  4. I have sent a ticket and figured I may as well just make a topic also for discussion.


    In last season I was number 1 for 5x5 and didn't receive a costume but I see the previous top 2 for 2x2 with costumes. Why haven't I received one? Can you please provide info or fix this? None of us know what's going on or what the requirements are to get these costumes. 5x5 and 3x3 should get reward costumes as well. If you are providing a higher arena point incentive to do these brackets then why do we not get rewards for this as well? Please let us know snorlax. You are the man with the answers  ;)

  5. Or maybe you should learn to read what you write. No matter how you spell it out your still crying about hassn "he uses mcoins" "he's rich" "he revives and pots" blah blah blah spam spam spam cry cry cry. You see where the hypocritical part is coming in or did you just read one line of my first post, pick a line you wanted to respond to then totally dismissed the rest and you want to talk about someone needing to go to school to learn to read?  :facepalm:

  6. sry but...whats a bEIber? ;D

    sry when i hurt your feelings  :blush:  i see you got angry and you get personal,but ok,i look like justin bieber? its okay :D better then you...you look like...well...just another asian slut from an asian porn who gets loads of sperm in her face.....you just look like that,its okay when i describe you,isnt it? :)

    ,but i just made an offer (make 1vs1!!!)so everybody can see who is better in game,atm we just see who is better in barking  ;D

    (btw i didnt post videoS about non warspear things ;D )


    and now back to screenshots, enough offtopic,hm? ;D


    this guy offered werewolf costum for 20k when i first give him the gold because...wtf  ;D


    Lol back down before you hurt yourself kid, where in this has there been anything that didn't have to do with warspear? Last time anyone checked your not a moderator so take your happy ass back to whatever hole you came from. Don't nobody from this server get involved with you crying about hassn 24/7 so stop being a hypocrite. I do find it funny that the mcs run a train on you all day though ;D must be good practice for the real thing for your friends who got the BIEBER FEVER!  :rofl:


    lol... you must back to your game and hand-sex..... we are not interested each other...


    Here he goes again with the "hand" thing ::) its always his last resort thing to say when he has nothing better to come up with  :yahoo: You must really have some obsession with "hand-sex" because its all you talk about  ;D

  8. So what excuse would you like to use now? Rogues are OP? Your partner was afk? You were afk? Partner random? You had 1300 defense? Your bow was broke? Maybe all your armor was broke? You lagged? Maybe you can just provide a whole different set of excuses of why you lost and we can add them too... Or maybe you just going to recycle the same old lame sayings you have like "edge and his hand"  :pleasantry: I can't wait for this response :lol:





    at least my s*x life is not only with my hands. you cyber-husband  :rofl: :rofl:


    Lol wow that's all you could come up with? Some recycled bullshit that you have said how many times? :good: :lol: your right, not only your hand. I found reus pic  ;D



    talk about on first picture. you killed Pliskin with your 2 chars. then i flied there and raped you alone. pliskin revived when i was raping you.

    in second picture: do you see any weapon on my hand? you cant . why ? bcs i am running naked in t1 zones. i am wearing up after reached to t2 = kotaravva. haha . really do you believe to your lies? do u have any schizo problem ? also i didnt tell to ascetic that i am gonna kill you  :facepalm:  i told that  i will meet with Chris in California for business and maybe i can visit you and u can feel some punch

    dont try to trick ppl here  :bad:


    Lol pretty funny you say you had "1300" defense when you get destroyed. I also find it funny that you post pics of you winning but don't show the ones where you died without getting a hit in either. You also need to learn to read, she didn't say you said you were gonna come kill her but you did in fact threaten me. Not like I care, you wouldn't make it out the state let alone the country. Threatening people over the internet just makes me laugh anyways and I honestly laughed about it because of how immature the statements were like I'm supposed to be scared or something. Anyways just be glad I can't screenshot because there would be numerous photos of me completely destroying you. You just use what you want people to see or say what you want people to hear. I still can't remember the number I hit you for, 1729 was it? I forget but you sure knew when you threatened me :rofl: The best part is you not only died once but 3x in pvp cave and then complained about "overpowered rogues" and your trying to tell me all 3x you were using 1300 defense? ;D




    haha. you lost your all honour you poor, even you lie for game. i didnt tell i have a video, i told that should i put any video for prove it ? i have no reason for prove something already ppl know who is who. thts why b2k has 3 ppl now  :rofl: :rofl:  and dont you remember 2v1 ? Kiyomi + Keizsha vs Reu ;) ?


    3 people???  :shok: my my my aren't you miss informed  :unknw: I can name at least 8 just off the top of my head no including trainees.

  12. Plisk I love how you constantly talk about pvp cave but were never there when I used to go all day long.


    First of all I know your talking about me but let's set the record straight, you never challenged me to any kind of duels what so ever but continued talking shit every time we met on the field. You think pvp is all about duels? Sorry there is a little more to it then that and you wanna talk about the cave, I don't go there much anymore because people like to ruin it on a daily basis. Ask kaw and vcut how many times I have dueled them in another area. You are on 5 minutes and think people are avoiding you? Lmao get bent. You don't scare anyone, get over yourself. I can't be scared of someone who pots constantly just to get a kill, I'm sure you remember at wisp right? 2x pots just to kill me?  :facepalm:


    Now since you wanna try and speak in riddles to try and call me out because your too scared just to say what you wanna say ill just do it for you. I challenge you to 3 seperate duels best of 5, my rogue vs your bd, my warlock vs your mage and my druid(which by the way I haven't worked on in over 3 months) vs your shaman. Challenge is set in the open. I'm not afraid of you keyboard killer. Message me when your ready. 


    30 mins :lol:  It's easy to block the bridge with 2 warlocks and a bunch of shammys... But still it was hard to get to  pvp cave.


    Lol yet you guys couldn't break thru for that long but we broke thru whenever we wanted to in one try. How does it feel being trapped at crossing? You rangers have a long history of doing this, karma sucks doesn't it?  ;)

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