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  1. lol have fun there. Don't get in any more trouble
  2. Lol tisk tisk, How you gonna go and get in trouble your first day?
  3. You are a teacher? I was unaware lol. Why you not the cool teacher and letting them play league yo? lol
  4. Well girl you better come on and play then.
  5. ya evolving it makes it 50% "I bet I can hit their base from here" "is a leafs only purpose to fall?" "the time for talk is over" some of my faves
  6. Lol it would be a hell of a good team if you ran it correctly. It goes from 20% to 50% which is a huge difference plus the aoe waveclear on it is so good
  7. You should try evolving w first, especially in the jungle. The sustain is really good and the utility on the slow is amazing for ganks. Problem with evolving q first is they have to be isolated for it to have any effect really. Most of the time they are around minions and you won't really fight anyone isolated til long after lane phase. Lol i used to run tear on panth but then just switched to flask. Its faster and saves gold but ya his ult is really good regardless. Him plus shen plus TF and some teleports makes for a good mobile team comp
  8. lol ya if you have it evolved it does, i normally evolve w first then e
  9. Any time is fine Just let me know. You know how to reach me. I gotta show you my Kha'zix still
  10. Hi, my thread http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=116614.30 was wrongfully locked by a moderator who has a personal problem with me. I believe this a bit out of hand. I posted an off topic discussion in an off topic section and because jswaaz has an issue with me and cannot handle it locked my thread after getting his "last words" in. I believe you should re-examine some of your moderators.
  11. Sure message me info, we can play on both servers. Ill play on west with you some first.
  12. Poley do you have an NA smurf account?
  13. xAsceticx lol good, you should play at NA with me Poley
  14. I do! Add me up if you on NA I will, drop by and watch me. I want the support
  15. Haha TF is really good right now in the meta. This meta seems to be the meta of assassins. Karthus is OK. He isn't very practical though to me. I main wukong and yasuo. I used to play alot of udyr and vayne though. I still have love for them as well
  16. Lol come watch me play poley hoping to be a full time streamer
  17. I figured I would still reach out to some friends of old and possible new. I am starting to stream League of Legends. I would love for people to drop by and chat and watch me If you are interested Twitch.tv/xAsceticx is my channel. Drop by and say hi to me
  18. When/if i get there i will let you know ;)
  19. Lol its one of the most shitty pc games? Thats why its considered a national e-sport now right? Thats why people are making thousands and even in the millions of dollars being professional right? I guess them giving out scholarships at schools for being in a varsity league in Illinois for playing the game means that the game is shitty. The problem with people like you is you do not even comprehend true skill and strategy. This game has zero skill. The only thing this game excels in is PvE and even that is engineered towards paying to get yourself through. This game cannot even be compared to League.
  20. Hell naw, i play league of legends. Not this junk game.
  21. I will take that challenge any day :)
  22. xasceticx, i play alot, chances are you will catch me on there
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