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  1. ghostbarb

    pve necro

    Okay well thank you anyways ill just ask in the world chat for more suggestions
  2. ghostbarb

    pve necro

    Yes i saw that one already but those are mainly for pvp necros i want to make a pve necro
  3. ghostbarb

    pve necro

    Hey guys im making a pve necro I already have a good skill build in my opinion (5/5 heal 5/5 snake 3/5) shield but i dont know which expert i should buy first mental pit/ infection or that dmg buff skill (forgot the name sorry) what do you think i should buy first
  4. If you want to tank bosses i should go for 3/5 agression because im that way he will attack you instead of a dmger and 5/5 on sap and Parry skill so you can tank more hits
  5. Depends on if you want to tank bosses in dg
  6. For pvp i should say lyzois
  7. ghostbarb

    full dode rogue

    Hey I want to make a Roque with full dodge for pvp but idk what skill build i should use i mean is kick in the back and dodge skill wat better if i spend skill points on them or are they going to inprove a lot Sorry for my bad english
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