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  1. Are you also sorting out the bugs in the new tower.... regarding what we are killing we only get 1/12 ect...... please fix this script problem lol
  2. Lol im loving mc complaints...!!! About more elfs then mc but did you see the wars around (m4 t2) elf were killing incoming mc to new town. And was killing in quest area lol its all about parties now in m4 walk solo u will die lol thats to both elf and mc....!! I have just 1 thing so say ""Bring The War Noob""
  3. Noob to me is a player who can't play there charactor right and no jack s**t about the game or what there doing lol....... also they dont take advise and do it there own way
  4. Guys you should no this of warspear by now once realised severs go down and down and down due to bug fixes.. Sever was up for 5 mins and already mc ganking in m4 lol...... mc love to gank cause they dont know how to go 1v1
  5. Always goes down when were at rg heroic not far away from killing the boss are we getting our 2 stam back since we used seeker grrr
  6. Yes but once elf gets to main island our quest take longer then what they do when mc get to main island even many mc say this to me cause they complain elf takes longer going from 12-22 (there words)
  7. Devs are you fixing "quest not found" we have quest that we are unable to get to??? What's with this?? And also we need more skill point cause we have lots of skills but little skill points
  8. Why do mc always complain you have good skills!!! Just for example rouge has many good skillz and most do damage.... dont get me wrong ranger skill is op you should be able to dodge, parry ect just lurn to use your skills lol and devs we need more skill point or even let us level up lol to get them hahaha lots of skills very little improvement for them please up lev or give 2 skill points to lev 22s
  9. Iv played since 2009 am I a old player lol???
  10. Now its noobs thinking there pro and old players because they have +10 equipment because they have so many mcoins lol... I remember farming lab with only druids and now if i say 2 driuds can do lab i get called noob lol
  11. The first members were before lab lol came popular after lab :) and yea xmoonlight was i miss them days lol
  12. Just a post to see who was playing when the skinhead clan exsisted???? This was before lab and before guilds??? So lets see how many of u remember or are u all new players conpared to me :)
  13. Im a old player just started playing again left not long after amp sytem came into play but still have my +8 arena swords with old crystals and runes on :) plus all my eq with all runes/crystals
  14. Wtf I can't even play now........!!!!!! No longer available for my phone now :cray:
  15. I'm not shore if she is still single :wacko: she has a boyfriend one second then she is single again lol you tell me haha 8)
  16. Haha the old timers are the ones who fight back when MC atk it's mainly the 14~18 that just stand talking all day even wile getting beat down they carry on talking and not respawning to kill it's like there scared of death lol It's like trade chat is a talk about who Has a boyfriend chat 99% is just random rubbish 1% is trade or farming
  17. Lol there are only like 20~30 bd 10~20 archers and very little druids that are good most people end up getting your party killed and makes it not worth traveling that far to kill a boss Have you not noticed all these new boobs who power level to 18~20 and still use level 13 equipment and noob weapons??? There the ones who follow you and get you killed or MC on lev 1 Elfs lore adds or noob heal
  18. calm down ffs and not all elfs are ;D this post is about the wimps with the big mouths who act like they run elf land and don't protect it. :facepalm: and I'm shore this this is a example he not been mean but this is all elfs do ask the MC who Arles riff yesterday many elf just stood there they did not even try to defend or spawn back to kill the MC on there land
  19. Many elfs now are getting angry at all you wimps out there and the lazy ones who are just staying in town and talI even wile the enemy are wiping of the blood from there swords :facepalm: You need to start fighting back............ It's always the same people having to take the fights head on or go and protect the Towns!!!!!!!!! Like Ye MC keep saving there are many more elf then them but yet they always invade and get to our spawn statue :wacko: this needs to stop!!!! I say to them elf...! That always say I always kill MC I say prove it and answer the call when there is a war or when someone said many MC are in the way to riff. Go and protect not stand there and chat or hide I say grow a pair!!!¡!!!!
  20. :yahoo: a pain but was fun and remember lady we won't 2 full party's we were 9 :rofl:
  21. Haha I watch films but my dailys take 1hr only do certain dailys I don't see the point rushing to be lev 20 :yahoo: can't go any higher yet and plus what's the point been a weak lev 20 you need your armor and stuff first ;D Well that's how I see it
  22. Awwwwwwwwwwww bless saffo I feel sorry for the kid.. Least he has made a name for him self lol the most hated player in saph sever Funny as f*ck :yahoo:
  23. Hahahahahahahaha funny but MC don't own elf on saph sever........!!!! You think you do but the fact is were just bone arse lazy to protect any city but riff lol And that's the truth and the end of my point :lol:
  24. Haha I was in that war was fun but...... I have seen MC take over riff think it was when all us elf were camping in labby lol I logged on my druid lev 13 at the time and about 10~20 MC had taken over riff and just stood around spawn statue killing all the low levels but the low levels slowly killed them off was fun to watch all these lev 15+ players getting slowly taken out by lev ,12+ players I was pmsl :rofl: :rofl:
  25. On the first island you can leave all the bosses you don't have do kill any of them lol my druid is Kev 17.and I still have all the bosses to kill on the first island lol :tease:
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