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  1. If it is true that unbind cost 390 Mcoin all I have to Say is it's too expensive
  2. just give a laptop skill for guiding rockets. kill anything within 7 square radius, anywhere usage range(even other island and underground). and that includes swamp slug
  3. pffft, i'm not wasting precious skill point on such a pointless skill. so what if u know what other ppl hv, it wont make u kill faster. need upgrade fire power and defenses 8)
  4. Try asking him next time he login. If he refuse, it is 100% he should be banned :!
  5. Sorry, and thanks for answering finally. But I gotta say, the answer really stunned me.... Framed? Maybe
  6. No reply yet email or here? Guess it's easier to not give a f*** :/
  7. I decided to put all 6 chars to live in swamp. Day 1: 1 doom wep appeared in choices, Blade of SD. Day 2: This profile has been banned and idk why. I'm losing previous lv 18 opportunities. Maybe one of those scammers lied to devs cuz he wants me out of the game...
  8. You know while thread effect active, enemy gets hurt more. Maybe lv 5 had decent extra so that's why, plus if low cooldown magic users can never escape
  9. Zam

    A quest

    Maybe you Can make a blue quest that shows up each day or 2, that gives 1Mcoin as part of The reward. It would make people who can't get mcoin happy to have some . Would be helpful for a person who needs repair badly for example. He would still have to collect it throughout 19 days
  10. What, you want to depends on one skill to win? You should learn to use strategy. Besides, you don't have to waste a move on skill like chop, it just comes as a side effect with purification. You shouldn't depend on that extra damage so much. Besides, using 1 handed weapon = supposed to be weak, but you get the extra damage so it's a bonus. Barb using 1 hand axe gets nothing plus his chop would be weaker. You sentinel people just want everything easy
  11. Apparently my Accounts are banned for 2 weeks suddenly. I sent an email few Days ago but Still no reply. Need an explanation fast :bad: and I hope it Wasn't a scammer who framed me or something of the sort :facepalm:
  12. Reasons why people don't like you: You keep spamming (I'm best, I killed..., etc); all you do is just disturb people and be cocky. Work on those things and maybe apologize and people would probably consider you ;) Oh, yes. You can Check your karma, See what you need to fix
  13. Zam isn't my character names. Plus I didn't even choose this retarded Zam. Net dc when I was making account so it was chosen by default or something. But you on the other hand did choose it, idk why. Also you talk as if all of them are yours or that I specified that it is the worst :wacko: Donte be sad, Rapeme is the least annoying O:-)
  14. Those names are real people on us not random people. Some are too disgusting
  15. Why the duck people name themselves retarded name like Smellyboob, Gapingvag, Rapeme, Pleasewait, and item name like Tripe
  16. It seems Swype needs raping too :diablo: it screwed up my post with auto correct (brings horny molester)
  17. Ofcourse you don't simply skin the satans. You gotta rape them before killing them like terrorists seem to be doing. @maleshaman, apple is the one getting after few days. Nokia already has it. Idk what that guy's problem is
  18. Zam

    New patch

    Doesn't matter if he knew or not. He shouldn't attack your barb in the first place %)
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