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  1. Ah, a new thing on my KOS list. Maybe experiment bleach bombs on em, see what happens
  2. My talent is detecting pieces of shit... Oh I'm sensing one right now, don't wanna expose him/her but here is a hint: name starts with gossip and ends with ♥♥♥♥♥. Who, who, who? :unknw:
  3. Gossipgirl is such a fukin loser. And her topics are just like her face. A pimples boar face. Also ladyseth ain't "the ugliest" it is you. Probably made this post to feel better about yourself. and gossip is for ♥♥♥♥♥es aka you ;) pimple boar face... ew :facepalm:
  4. Zam

    The Drama thread

    Sulla pic is good. itachi is fukin awsome @[email protected]
  5. Snorlax, if I don't have a comp I can't make a comic right? My phone can't do it. So tell me that I can't so I don't waste my time trying. Our how about change the rules to story only? :bad:
  6. Are you stupid to give gold first then get item? 1 trade, all items/gold traded, end of discussion. I can't believe you fell for such a stupid trick. :facepalm: Also, he is pathetic bcuz he copied Chronoz's name :bad: :bad: :bad:
  7. Why did you give that dirty elf your login info anyway hm? -.-
  8. You guys gave birth to an elf!?? :shok: :shok: :shok: Time for an Arrow of darkness :aggressive: :diablo:
  9. Zam


    Dude choose warlock. Upgrade skills in this order: Max Arrow of darkness. Then Max Dark circle. Then Max Fear. When you are lvl 18+ it gets good. Who ever says warlock sucks is a noob. My lv 18 warlock serves me better than any of my other characters. But you gotta play fast and without mistake. Then watch people sure in front of you. Tip: When you are high lvl try to have like 2200 hp atleast so you can survive if you get stunned. After stun over, Fear them and then kill them author being touched. People probably say warlock sux cuz they are elf who hate warlock and don't want people to choose it. You can even solo yellow crowns when you are strong enough. Warlock = Strategic damage dealer. :good: Also dark circle very useful in war and mob Escape. Though i suggest, try using it on mobs brogue you get ganked
  10. hmm.. Maybe because after we get 8k points the rest go to waste.Also need answer for this fast: what is point > gold conversion rate. Hope it is each point = 1 or 2 gold
  11. Zam

    Photo Spam

    May i know why girls make fish lip photos? seriously, it's become a meme
  12. iknowuall, i dislike you for the following reasons: 1. You are one of those people who stick to an insult. example: they called you hypocrite then you started using that word on them 3x per post 2. Bloody's pic didn't even show his belly button so duck off about your "nuddity" :wacko: 3. You said "i'll say one more thing. ....." or something but then you kept posting. what? u NEED to get the last word in? :facepalm: 4. Bloody didn't say: I am bisexual as a fact. He said something like "fine and i view myself as bisexual". it's sort of like sarcasm i guess, or over-modesty ;D but u just HAVE to continue blabbering. 5. You say you are right. if you were, i'm pretty sure at least ONE of those people might have agreed with you. Now be quiet about your :pleasantry: Gay & Hypocrite :pleasantry: nobody wants to hear them
  13. ur wear costume to hide ugly gear :mega_shok:
  14. Full damaging -Strong blow lv5, Charge lv5, Chop lv5 : chop sux. only used for stagger. Roar much better. Rogue: Ms lvl 5, stealth lvl5, dodge lvl3 gogue lvl3(sometimes u need dodge n sometimes gouge): sacrificing gouge for 2% dodge (useless) :wacko: -Pala: Purification lv5, Fetters of justice lv5, aura lv5(I believe every pala shud have aura lvl5 at lvl18): I'm pretty sure healing would save your life better than some aura. -Priest: Healing touch lv5, Holy shield lv5, Word power lv3, Harad tears lv3(if word power 5 den healers in pvp will take very long time): Word power is the one that kills your mana. No mana =auto dead. Can be countered if you use your brain though but priest will still gain time. I had my mana stop regenerating bcuz of this skill. negative mana :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:
  15. i once did charge from top bridge to bottom bridge. Most epic charge in history. Everyone was like wtf. ah yes, i didnt notice the ring map gone :wacko:
  16. Half the population these days are narrow minded noobs :bad: :bad: :bad: . i miss the old days :facepalm:
  17. yes shaman quake doesnt stun but they can heal. Warlocks need to survive with whatever hp they have
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