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  1. Warlock is pure damage dealer and combatant. If you give it heal like shaman, it'll be twice as dangerous. If you want more heal then you should upgrade exhaust instead of something else
  2. Deathly gaze: what are the percentage of hp decrease each lvl? Lv1=3%, lv2 ?, lv3.... And does upgrading it make it last longer so I don't have to re-apply it before each Poison spittle? Bone shield/Holy shield: How much damage absorption on each lvl? Dark shield: what is the formula that it uses. I want to know how much it would absorb if I have x defense. Threads of darkness: stun time and damage increase per lvl Word power: how much mana loss on each lvl? Light aura: how much does it increase the healing power on each lvl? And what is the percentage chance of success of Dark shield & Ranger blessing on each lvl?
  3. I'll type the question in Quick reply because it world's better on my phone
  4. I suggest warlock. But since you are staying at lv10 that would be sort of like not taking warlock's full potential. Anyway if you want you can make lv3 Arrow of darkness then lv 5 dark circle. Circle is great in arena I if it is max. Just, if you chose warlock you beret learn how to avoid getting hit.
  5. Sell 37K or trade for Guiding thread gloves/body or a heroic item. send me a message here with your offer ty
  6. I want shit resolution feature so game runs super fast :P
  7. Zam

    Do this!

    They don't want happy costumers :facepalm:
  8. Zam

    Do this!

    Remove those piece Of shit scams you call pop Ups before you lose some costumers. If someone wants to buy a damn scroll/pocket then they can open mshop and do so. We aren't spending our $ to have them stolen by a popUp. Get your money the proper way not by scams :bomb:
  9. Idk why they won't add revive scroll anyway, it is exactly like repair. Either repair by mcoin or buy scroll. People with mcoin can revive, people with gold can't. Revive scroll would be 100% gain for aigrind :crazy:
  10. The problem isn't saying hi. It is spamming nonsense to bump up your post. And don't try to deny. I check this Contest forum almost every day and yours is ALWAYS on top 3. btw nagur didnt you notice that people started criticizing you AFTER you started spamming? No one criticized before. So no, it has nothing to do with your being new. Also you claim to hv only said hi & merry xmas. Then tell me why there are like 5 Hi comments by you and consecutive and on different days. :crazy: You wanna say hi and stuff? Then post it all in one comment in one day.
  11. Zam

    Ticket points

    How about a feature to just throw ticket and get a little under what points you would get If you lose 5v5. Good to use this if you have bad net, instead of Demanding and causing the while team to lose. I see many Lagers and afk.
  12. I think ignore is available on forum too. You won't se anything written by that person. So use it ;)
  13. Actually people who don't use mcoin still contribute some money to aigrind; the sellers buy more mcoin to sell more stuff. Plus those people with mcoin still have their tens of thousands of points. The points will be reset one day so might as well spend them on signs. If personal from arena shop then just use the ones in arena shop and sell the mcoin ones :P Anyway as I already said, they gave us pots and spheres. I think they deserve to keep the signs to get money. No money = no game Besides it wouldn't kill someone to gather 20K and get sign set, which btw can get you +1 > +5 if you don't have horrible luck.
  14. Losing your tree skin is horrible, and it probably cost a few thousands mcoin to get :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: also 600 mcoin to buy a skin wtf :facepalm:
  15. I didnt even get to listen exept to irselnort music dammit. My chars in use were all lv 13+ f*** :facepalm:
  16. Dude nothing severe about it :P Add to ignore while he is bothering you. Remove when you're done.
  17. Yeah, we NEED not want this. How about a daily(xp & gold) to kill people in here, would teach these noobs who ruin arena and waste tickets how to fight properly. Besides think about it, who are the people wep quit this game? The bored-to-death people and lv 20s. This would help keep them interested and help people take a break from doing dailies 24/7. Maybe even add a respawn inside this place so people who die don't hv to keep running from town. We need it 100% free to. Successful business isn't just about getting money. It is also about keeping the costumers satisfied. PLEASE PUT IT. That stupid cave is full of disturbers and gankers. Plus the beginning of fights are messed up cuz of the start signal issue and stuff. With this challenge option we can just start right away after they accept, or have a 2 second start timer and can't move. And Blueborn: Tickets cost gold and I'm sure that would ruin this idea. Let me introduce you to the Ignore feature to prevent spam. Btw aigrind, getting challenged while in combat should be Disabled to prevent disturbances.
  18. This idea is a fail. Aigrind gets maybe half their money from signs. They have us pots n spheres already, be grateful.
  19. Zam


    Yeah, actually these loot are just a waste of time. And let bosses drop these gold purses too. It's sickening to farm 10 hours and get no drop and just walk away with nothing but broken gear.
  20. Change weapon skin to be remove/attach like costume because 1. Skins r expensive & 2. People With tree, caramel Skin will lose it after they get better weapon. Also how about you hv wardrobe tab for costumes because some people have a shit loss of costumes & it kills Their Bag, even if Bag is Fully extended. And Return that old arena place in nadir so we can do Free pvp, no points gained. and LET us be able to send challenge to other faction in there so We can fight 1 On 1. Maybe let you Gain 1 arena point for winning against a lvl18+ (So people don't farm their noob for points). Also enable spectating. And boosting which map to fight on. And make a new Map, 10x10 square. We need something fun to do here when we have nothing to do.. Oh yes, how about a battle ground to. Get gold = to half the Lvl of They Guy you kill. Great fun and good for making a few coins
  21. Nagur, Nobody is abusing or anything, also no one mentioned anything about server racism. And don't change the subject, :facepalm: admit that you keep pushing this post up. I'm sick of seeing "Cute story" also it's not cute and that is a gay name :bad:
  22. Good that he died, let her suffer. Why didnt u let gariel enslave her too
  23. I just tried snow boundaries once, did gift quest twice & tried to get key for 2 hours. Then I decided that this event sux. And these rings with 5% are basically useless. Remove 16 astral ring to use 5% ring. 5% btw would be like 10 astral. And then comes Ice queen ring, remove Acc, block, dodge,, good enchants, whatever to get 5% power which is like 10-20 only. Last year event = good lv15 amulet(280 gold if sold to shop) & ring, good pots & foods quest rewards. Now it's just waste 10 hours for shit items. :facepalm:
  24. Sorry if anything isn't prefect. There is only so much that a phone can do :/ Snorlax, I'll catch you in a poké ball if I don't win ;) btw, you forgot to fix my name into Deathreap.
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