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  1. If your are sure you wanna delete your acc atleast give your friend all your riches instead of just dumping them.
  2. The only thing I see is your bullshit grammar and lack of understanding. 1. Someone actually did compare quake. 2. I was saying root + bees had sort of the same effect as blind + quake. Born, if I write quack it was auto correct not me :bad: the pee brain you are looking for is there ^
  3. Complication is what makes games nice :P but not I don't think this complicates it. Opening ritual tab and clicking start ritual won't kill anybody
  4. As I said, these are to help on farms and hard quests not to be wasted on pointless war :facepalm:Now an example of uses vs other faction. Try to cast the destruction ritual on people in bg while others distract them. A warlock could buy you 5 seconds easily ;). Or paladin, if you fail you can try again, nothing lost. After all are dead, do your bg quest. And this is unspammable due to rare stones. Use them wisely.
  5. Root never fails but quake does, root disable skills quake doesn't. And class balance isn't about specific skills anyway, it's about overall. Example, quake does damage but root stuns, blind is like stun but without damage and it gives target 25 extra dodge, bees does damage and stagger and lower crit & attk speed but no stun. See? It's all balanced so stop your noobish theories :facepalm: if you will whine then do it properly
  6. Omg I forgot about rogues :bad: then using ritual should remove stealth. Problem solved. Besides as said, these stones are sort of rare so people can't spam them, they should use them when needed like destroying all mobs in boss farm when things start getting bad.
  7. Sorry, net died right before I posted, talk about shitty luck :bad: I was looking forward to reading your comments :lol: here it is: Rituals tab in menu.There is a special bag for ritual specific items, it has a alot for each and the alot can hold up to 99 of the item.These ritual specific items are Ritual stones.Example of a ritual:Ritual of revival: Requirements: Death stone, 5 polished skulls, 5 animal blood. Effect: Revive 1 dead ally who is in the same screen as you.Ritual of healing: Requirements: Astral stone, 2x Ham, 1 medium mana potion. Effect: Fills target's Hp & Mp to the max plus 10% extra.The only way to get those stones is by killing green, yellow, red crown monsters. The drop rate of these stones is the drop rate between defense sphere and damage sphere.They are personal too.Rituals can't be used in combat and take 5 seconds to cast.Types of stones can be, Death, Astral, Chaos, Ether, Particle.Death stone used for death/life related rituals.Astral for heal/buff/debuff rituals.Chaos for killing/damaging ritualsEther for teleporting rituals.Particle for summoning rituals.Number of stones used ranges from 1-3 depending on how powerful the ritual is.Rituals can be targeted at allows or at places, aoe.Here are some of the rituals I have in mind: Ritual of Teleport: Takes you to any screen within 6 screens of respawn statue. Cost: 1 ether stone Ritual of pain: removes 50% of target's hp. Cost 1 chaos stone, 10 polished fangs. Ritual of annihilation: 3 chaos stones, 20 polished fangs. Effect: kills everything within 5x5 yard area. Ritual of strength: increases all defense stats of allies within 3x3 area by 10% for 10 minutes Cost: 1 astral stone, 5 (something) Ritual of strength lv2: increases all defense stats of allies within 3x3 area by 23%% for 20 minutes Cost: 2 astral stone, 10 (something). Ritual of illusion: summons a monster (used as decoy) in a specific area. 3 ritual levels on this, increased hp and duration on each lvl. Cost: 1-3 Particle stones, 5-15 animal blood. The decoy walks in the specified direction & attacks anything it passes by (10/20/30 damage, 1.5 hit rate). Hp 600/1400/2300, duration 10/20/30 seconds. War form ritual: increases power and defenses by 30% of their amount. Cost: 2 chaos stones & 2 astral stones, 20 polished fangs. Refresh ritual: refills all allies hp and mp by 50% within 5x5 area. Cost: 2 astral stone, 10 animal hearts. Zombie army ritual: Revive all allies in a 5x5 area. Cost : 3 Death stones, 30 animal hearts, 1 medium hp potion. The purpose of these is to help on farms or hard quests. Going on arena will remove the effects, 5 sec cast time, you don't lose the ingredients if cast is interrupted. They won't make anyone op, just help out. Revive can be used in deep farm or chainless for example. Plus these stones are hard to get and personal so...
  8. Foj stuns all over or have you forgot? Besides, elf skills are good, it's just as reaper said, people are just too stupid, they want to win with money not strategy. And sup blaming snorlax all you people, he is forum moderator, I don't think he is the programmer :facepalm: and priest is fine if had proper skill build. Some classes are either built for pvp or for farm, your choice. It's just that warlock doesn't have such a choice. Warlock only pvp build. Shaman pvp build can't be beat too, druid too, priest too if played like a pro. Many of them really, just bash then run and heal. The only thing that needs improving is mage. Like make chain with stun effect or atleast skill disable.
  9. He wants to just stand in one spot and kill everyone, let's half scatter cooldown too :facepalm:
  10. Here is a better idea.Pvp island: Has war zone (free killing without challenge, just slaughter zone. Hardcore pvp. Big empty waste land with corpses and bones on the floor).Has a coliseum where you can have challenge option, works on sentinel or legion. Also put 3 colosseums beside each other because 1 would be to crowded.Everyone has white name, but if you challenge someone both of you see each other as red name.Respawn statute few steps from each zone (war or coliseum).Have hot air ballon in each town that takes you to pvp island for 1 gold.This is better than the cave idea because the respawn issue is resolved and has a war coliseum too.100% free. And you people who say no problem if pay tickets, think again. How many fights do people have each day. That would cost them million gold eventually.As for why devs would make this. It might entertain their bored players with nothing to do and prevent them from quiting. And overall it will make everyone happier so less quiting.
  11. Changing your account password doesn't require typing in the current password. I suggest you make it require current password. Why? If someone got a hold on your device in real life, they can steal it. Also if hacker/Scanner logs into your account while you are on it, it might help.
  12. Comparing skills with other skills is pure stupidity. You should compare class overall ability. And ranger doesn't need upgrading, it is fine and strong and ranged.
  13. Sell 22-25K each. Or trade for heroic boot, Heroic chest(Both), Guiding thread item, divine defense item, Kw item.
  14. Zam


    Hope I win :facepalm:
  15. Zam

    weird dream

    :shok: :shok: :shok:
  16. You guys really should lvl mana burn. priest is good vs warlock oid they have proper skill build. It's just the melee that hv a problem. They need simple tweaks. Mage chain should be full stun too.
  17. **** sub class idea. @radiant falcon, I said ranged not ranger. That includes magic users. And ranger has a chance against warlocks. They may not have stuns but they have high damage. And they can avoid circle if they are careful I think. AS for mage, his chain needs skill disable effect.
  18. People always compare warlock to melee. How about you compare to ranged classes. Besides not just warlock, any ranged class can be just as annoying as warlock. Ranger with lv 5 trap, bless, arrow. Shaman with 5 blind & quake. Druid with 5 root and bees stagger. And those who say mages is weak well, mage with lv 5 fire, stone, chains and his loss of acc and crit can do ashly of dmg in one hit. and melee won't touch him half the times cuz of his long duration and low cool down lv5 chain. As for melee, if you want to kill warlock more easy you should use dark def gear. You can't expect to be fully armed for melee killing and expect to easily kill warlock too. And those healers don't need full stun or big range disable skills, the ones the hv are enough. Just use them and go max heal.
  19. Dude didnt you read my post on New players topic? It is sticky. :facepalm:
  20. Zam

    Talk Here Arabic :D

    You know I stopped posting here but then you made me reply to you :facepalm: bye bye
  21. Why the flying **** did you give him your login info. People these days :facepalm:
  22. Zam

    Talk Here Arabic :D

    Xthekingx you can spend your whole day giving me - karma. See if I give a shit you sad child. And wtf does cordis diee mean anyway :bad:
  23. being poor and homeless is no exuse to scam. You disgust me :bad:
  24. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Eve, How come you say cherry is a boy :wacko:
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