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  1. I will fuking buy this. And Sulla can become more itachi :DWe need remove hood/mask from costume in appearance settings too.
  2. is she ur gf/wife or u just like her?
  3. No we won't. Everyone can open mshop and check everyday whats up for themselves.Hey guys, guess what? Now pop up after death in arena too.
  4. lol sange and sulla chat better that emblem *hi*
  5. Zam

    Atheist Using Priest?

    Who likes apple pie?
  6. We want pvp zone Blueborn's idea next update. And NEVER make legion and sentinels share location again like swamp. And why chest items are a rare as doom wep, they aren't anything special
  7. Zam


    Delete this post before someone calls you swag fag :facepalm:
  8. Some run from you but come back as soon as they see another elf/mobs on you. Or they just get brave when other elfs are around.
  9. They put my poster on facebook and yet I don't even get 1000 mcoin :facepalm: atleast give 1500 to the rest which were very good but not good enough to win :facepalm:
  10. Idc much because I play solo, just quests, lovely lovely quests. Hate going to the GE get stager cuz 200 ppl spamming gold sites/doubling money/playing seal or flower. Same, awsome pic made me laugh alot. So as I understand br people invaded Rs?
  11. Zam


    Really stupid how people attack each other in such situations. Better when kota was rare, atleast you don't expect to die each teleport. And seriously what's up with the fact that a lv 20 bd or ranger will ALWAYS attack? If kill someone in kota it's just to prevent ganking after few minutes or cuz I know he is bad news.
  12. Anyone here tried Elemental workshop lll quest?
  13. I was questing in kota and there was no stupid elfs there to waste my time. Return the damn server, and how about a warning first, or you want us to die so we buy repair? And we want payment for beta testing all the time. And having buggy chars
  14. yeah, trust no one on this game exept me. Wink wink
  15. I'm not talking about friends, I'm talking about people who quit. Are you my new hater? :blush:
  16. Midori has severe yeast infection...
  17. Interesting russian dude. But have one advice: don't live on one box. I was living on box 3 then after maybe a month I decided 4, maybe get doom and I did.
  18. @Zhurong: don't quit, don't be stupid just because that piece of shit is trying to bother you @midori, you are a ♥♥♥♥♥ and a piece of shit. If you are the real one but lying to zythus irl you are plain disguising and don't deserve to even look at him. If you are fake then go get a fukin life you jelous horny whore. @migedo & azebu, why are you siding with that midori ♥♥♥♥♥ :facepalm:
  19. I camp kota on 6 chars and it takes like 2 weeks to get something, if I do every single day on all 6. And then I get the worst of the lot, Impenetrable shit. Ever since swamp came out I got 4 shroud items, 1 divine helm (old reward system), and doom scepter. 6 chars doing captured every day for month and that's all I get, I'm fukin spending my life on kota, never can do pvp our war, or assassination or raids :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  20. Radiant, just calm down. You want did to have aoe but not all classes are the same. And if you fight +10, 1 on 1 would you rather have aoe (nothing special if only one target) that has fail chance and no silence or 100% chance will work plus silence root? Each skill/class is good for some situation, you can't expect all class to be perfect in everything. Maybe druids aren't as good as shaman in pvp but I hear they heal more so they are better in farms.
  21. Why would you waste all that gold for such a shitty item Mega:facepalm: seriously the cloth ones are the worst too. No magic power. Idk why devs even wasted their time making them. Better if they made some good rings & mage cape
  22. Zam


    Wtf is the point of this thread
  23. Mc destroy elfs cuz elfs are back staggers, you let them live; they will gank you when they get the chance. Thanks Radiant falcon for your mage experiment, I was expecting it to be high %. Maybe I'll upgrade Sun armor after lv cap increase The guy above me is a super retard spamming that disguising vid everywhere.
  24. Radiant falcon is right, the while reason they even started this quest system is so people can't use bots. Imagine ever single thing you need to kill for quest is being damned by a fat ass bot. Plus if you need help on boss quest who will you ask? Everyone or anyone useful will be a bot
  25. Here is my point of view: Silence effect: blind/root damage effect: bees/quake less attack speed: quake/bees no movement: root/quake less critical: bees only increase 25% dodge for enemy (bad especially if opponent has high dodge): blind so my point is, druids aren't sa bad as you make them out to be vs shaman. Bees gets stronger with moon right? Druids are not made for killing multiple targets. AndBees crit reduction could be very useful . Maybe lv5 Bees reduces by 10% And grow up. Just hating and angry cuz my point of view is didnt than yours, and you can shove the smite up your ass see if I care :facepalm: And who exactly told you I can speak arabic eh? Stupid boy :bad:
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