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  1. I just thought about changing the build a little bit. What if I use 3/4 Banner , 3/4 Illuminiation and I now I can 3/4 another skill like Call or Shield.

    What do u think? Is it worth it? Is it a big difference between 3/4 and 4/4?



    Late night question :blush:

  2. On ‎7‎/‎13‎/‎2017 at 0:24 AM, Pecleb said:


    when i use the link build 28883 got 6,401def

    build 28904 got 6843def

     the 400def difference comes mainly from the pdef on shield instead of block


    both builds are +7 with same buffs


    And btw as gladiator said always enchant shield with block at high lvl, u can see here that 400def differrence is 0.1% here, while u got 2.6% difference. Keep in mind that block is also very useful to progress faster in dgs, since u aren't slowed when u block the hit.

    At lvl 13 def can be good, but it's the last lvl i guess, and only i low-mid amp: if i enchant shield with block on lvl 13 pala i get 1.3% block, while i go pdef i get 2% more pdef (the bosses i farm are only pdmg, same for dgs, that's why here i don't care about mdef. cuz of course block is very good since it works same for p and m attacks unlike def)

    Ik dude :D. I made another build with less amp and lost 1k def xD.

    I didn`t post that build here :blush:

  3. 19 hours ago, Gladiator said:

    It's 6.4k man, you need eyeglasses or something?:fuck_that:

    And yeah, as gear selection, it is the best imo if you can't afford craft gears. More def comes with amps, 6.4k is for +7s which is good.

    It`s not. calculated it with less amp

  4. 4 hours ago, Gladiator said:

    The second build has a spear, while the first one has shield, of course you will lose Def and HP won't differ much.

    Anyways, I'd suggest replacing rings with Skyfire rings for magic and HP, keeping the life steal enchant.

    I'd go with the second build with Kronus gear, they are easier to get, the boot with mana regen is expensive and rare too.

    And why don't you work on block? I'd rather go with block enchants on shield and belt, it is way more convenient that defense especially that you already have a block armor.

    So it'd be something like: http://ws-db.ru/calculator#23898

    Wow, somehow I didn`t spot that spear there. wtf :crazy:


    Ok so I`m gonna go with this one : http://ws-db.ru/calculator#23904 . I still lose 1k def. So I`ll end up with 5401 PDef and 3079 MDef. Is that ok for a tank? I`ve seen better :3.

  5. On ‎7‎/‎6‎/‎2017 at 7:24 PM, Gladiator said:

    For lvl28, Illumination and Banner 4/4 + High life steal, it is really good in dealing big damage and maintaining survival with life steal from AoE damage. Also keeping melee mobs away with fetters (5/5). That's the best dg build with magic setup imo.


    If you can't get high life steal then Illumination will kill you in higher level dungs, agroing all mobs on you. So you could try Light Defense, I haven't really tried that skill - didn't even buy it, because I didn't like its numbers. I saw from other paladins, it doesn't really help that much. Moreover, in your 1h build, its % increase won't be too effective, because you already have high Def, and after a certain point the more def you get the less effective it gets. So don't be tricked with that 40% def addition on the base defense. It could mean only +~5% def or so. That's why I don't like it, and it is bad.


    And about Sacred Shield, it is literally the worst Expert. As far as I remember, it depends on your HP (Pala is the lowest HP tank, ironically). It absorbs very little damage and has very high cd of 40 secs.


    And yes, Banner's damage stacks, but the buffs don't. 

    Thx a lot. I got it now. 4/4 Banner and 4/4 Illumination.

    Now I hv 2 more questions:


    1.How much life steal do I need? An what I mean by that is actually: What`s the lowest % of ls that I really need in order to survive. I plan to hv around 22% life steal. (PS: Still wanna know the minimum required :tongue:)

    2.What gear should I use? I plan to amp my armour at around +7. I thought about getting full Golden Dawn + Mace [Magic DMG] + Shield + Life Steal Accessories [EX1]. Some players advised me to mix Kronus stuff with Golden Dawn because I get more HP [EX2]. But doing so, I lose a lot of def. What should I do :blush:?

    EX1 http://ws-db.ru/calculator#23883 {4152hp:panda2:, 6843PHdef, 3200Mdef}

    EX2 http://ws-db.ru/calculator#23890 {4207hp, 4900PHdef, 2800Mdef}

    50 hp difference...rly:crazy:?


  6. 1 hour ago, Gladiator said:

    Lvl 26?

    4/4 Illumination, 3/4 Banner.

    What about "Light Defence" :crazy:

    I found this:

    at 4/4 From 5229 P Def -> 7958 and from 2155 M Def -> 2905

    I also want to know how much Dmg "Sacred Shie" absorbs.


    All i know right now is that at lvl 28 i`ll have 4/4 Harard`s Banner and 4/4 one of the following skills:

    1. Illumination

    2. Sacred Shield

    3. Light Defence

    Which one should i pick and why?


    Please give arguments :unsure::blush: 



    [I also hv another problem. Is it ok if the basic skills look like this (5/5 heal, 5/5 aura, 3/5 fetters of justice) ?:biggrin:. If not, why?:mellow:]

    [I also wonder what happens in this scenario: 2 palas place their banners on the floor. Mobs will receive dmg from both banners :crazy:?]

  7. I want to build PVE pala that is good for lab, dg, all that good stuff.

    I want some advice on what experts to choose and which ones to lvl up to 4/4.

    I would like to have a full life steal Pala with [Magic Dmg] One Handed Mace + Shield and probably a lot of def.  (Wanna hv as much M Power as i can get)


    https://ws-db.ru/calculator#23524 Consider the following build



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