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  1. Dear support, Some weeks back I have made a report about this issue before. For a month or so I have come across some tedious bugs that really ruin my game experience. The following things occur: Gamecrash, My application randomly stops working Disconnection, I randomly lose connection and if I log out and log back in I am immediately able to log back in with no issue. (I have done the speedtests too that are shown in my report that I have sent through mail) I often get weird pop-ups that tells me I need to update the game/that my game is already updated till the latest version but should wait for a new update/ error: login and way more weird pop-ups that makes me close my game. The pop-up forces me to close the game but I am able to use the game right after i close it. Before I get the assumptions of it being my device its fault, its not. The only issues occurs with my phone, which is a Samsung 21S of perfect state. I have bought it 3 months ago and should not be able the issue in this matter. My laptop and pc work perfectly fine with the warspear application. More and more friends of mine are getting this issue as well. The support has said they are aware of the issues and are going to fix it. This has been quite awhile ago and I have not seen any improvements to the slightest. Hopefully someone is able to give me more intel on this matter, because I am fed up by receiving one of this issues every 15 seconds if not less while I am playing. Ty in advance. P.S. Mail has added file showing one of the occuring bugs
  2. I will vote for you panchen, my old comrade!
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