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  1. I second on Warlion's posts...on the flip side, anyone been noticing the Weekly MC special discounts are happenning regurlarily... :P
  2. Man this is a real complex competition...sigh...next one.. Goodluck all who submit!
  3. I like how the game is using competition to persuade people to spend arena tickets for costumes :crazy:
  4. If there are other games that are performing better than Warspear not using the consumable minion system, then how come their not changing the system to permanent? :wacko: I want a clear answer. :facepalm: It revolves back to the money concept....people have friends in Warspear (the whole reason why players still play), thus the game makers continue to implement more game concepts that benefits them with money like consumable minions. Its cost and benefit in other words. The number of players that quit and could potentially add more money in the pockets of these game makers, is outweighed by the fact that there are players who would spend more money on this game than normal person (cover the loss in the average money of potential player, economics concept....) Thus....with this in mind, in MY opinion, its corrupted as far as in the money and on top of that, not hearing these great ideas or making subtle changes(of course its too early to say), so as far as this topic suggestion, as of right now, I find it real difficult for change, even though I agree with you. :good:
  5. If I'm saying the concept is more of a pet idea(keeping the minion then) and your saying he made the topic to keep minions permanent using this new method, aren't we on the same page? If you notice correctly I said I don't know much games that use minions(temporary use like Warspear) but instead the general idea of pets(permanent idea of minions) which is what this topic is going towards. I use the words "pet" and "minions" to explain myself in the way where a majority of us players recognize it. I think you misunderstood that I'm disagreeing with this topic but in reality your just making statements to boost your friends popularity in recognition of this post as a positive thing(I would do the same but your targeting the wrong person). I'm with yall guys about changing the system of "minions" or I wouldn't be here on forum responding to an excillent idea. My question in the first posts was directed to the developers or game makers(theres suppose to be forum mods responding to our questions but I'm not one to argue whether their doing their job or not [i personally think not enough consumer satisfaction to us players]the question was opened to anyone who knows the answer by the way) and some people are skipping to the fact about the word of "pet" and "minions" use? Or coming back with questions against me whether I like permanent minions or not which is clearly defined in my prev. posts. Its not me against this post, its us against the game. Thank you very much.
  6. Pets is where you train it and accumulates skills etc. Minions is only a one time use. The name isn't what really matters, its the concept and idea, players want to train a minion/pet until it reaches its max lvl then train stronger ones by doing quest or capturing them. Like I said its a whole other idea by itself from the minion concept now. I think you misunderstood.
  7. I really see where you coming from in this idea but the players are more looking for pets not minions. Pets to capture and train (a whole other different topic) oh and by the way what are other mmorpgs that use minion scrolls? Because most I know use pets.
  8. Costumes suck in my opinion...i mean comon devs, running out of ideas? No offense but ninjas? You might as well add the dam class if you want to make a costume. plus the bear tiger tank top costumes are gay in my opinion :! Why not add monkey crocidle Zebra etc...? Wait 1 year after yall low in money and be like "ok guys plan #1479 -add more animal costumes" :P More $$ for yall? Nahh im not supporting. Skins are okay but thats not its about, not about the skin im looking at, im going to be looking at the sword not no moon sword skin? Make it weapon...not skin... Worst update in my opinion... Btw what about guild tower? Get that running, not guild pots and more arena montage OPness %)
  9. This is madness, even Pvprange doesn't want OP items anymore, costumes is what people want...
  10. Yeah absolutely embarassing...idk what the judges were thinking!
  11. I can't post my entry and the deadline for the contest is today. Some other person posted theirs today but I can't! :wacko: Its still the 29th over here (Central time-US). I want to post my entry in the contest to win! :cray: Please open up again.
  12. Lots of vivid imagery in the story, little action is done with the character, some abstract words that I don't even know block my path to continue reading. You have potential to be a winner, I'll recommend changing the structure of your story to separate the scenario of the setting and the scenario of your character speaking. Overall I like it, you give great ideas! :good: P.S. - Fix your simple grammar mistakes. ;)
  13. Yeah I'm certain judges ignore the views and replies number count to keep things fair and equal.
  14. Not really helpful because I can just leave my computer on all day and you'll never know if I am even playing or being active.
  15. Yes I agree, this is going to have to be more considering on time spent on this.^^^ :)
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