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  1. And aslo locks have stone body. Pretty defensive skill that rmoves aggro and cannote mve atk or be atked. Amd with op harmony, ur energy will recorver very fast. But its true something. Druids for pvp skillbuild mpst work the permastun. So, u giving a "healer" 3 heald and many skills for disable u of skills. But lock has only circle, fear hex and "bloody tribute"(this skills doesnt temove lot of energy) so, yes they need low heal skill in base dmf they deal (we know we have lifesteal, but its not enough of we compare druid heal). I mean about for example "sun seal" skill from palas, could be added in locks&mages
  2. Could anyone tell me why did u changed quests in new island, from all quest to few quests? Now we cant do completing all quest like 20k gold, so hard for not mcoiners for win gold. Before that, all ppl was questing lol, mcoiners not mcoiners, it was nice for ppl getting some gold coz EARN GOLD SYSTEM was so poor before that. And mow its poor again. Cant understand why we have like + of 10 resets and servers downs for fix bugs and bugs and lags and not fixed them all in 2-3, but there must be a reset for fix not bug... Just telling, many ppl was questing them coz gold. (for what u want do 5k rep if not many ppl cant complete easy technopolis? Just for 3 medals till u dont put new skills or make easier that dg. "But thx", now many ppl will not complete them like they did in 80k bosses (thts why u increased drops, for make mpre ppl do that quests) but new bosses has less drops than 80k, and long time respawn.
  3. Its very nice play with them against aoa in arena , soon hassnball is youtube!!!
  4. For just pve, i would go 5 strike, 4 sap 4 parry, 4 power of blades and 4 counter atack
  5. And yes #ghostbarb, lyzois is pro, won elasiri and he isnt +10, and ela thought he was +10
  6. well, if all ur pt is +10 and my partners are +10 too, but im not +10, not even full +5, u should win coz is x3 +10 against 2 +10 and 1 not even +5. Could u tell me why im winning?^^ ofc if u rate we can pvp, i havent got problems with that. But remember, kill someone in 3 secs doesnt mean pro, it mean op
  7. There isnt many "afkers". They just have lag, or directly dc. But think about it. If 3*3, enemy team has more probability of have an "afk" coz in other team, u will not be afk, so just 2 of ur party if u dont go afk, MAY be afk. But enemy team u dont knoe if they will lag, dc or afk. Ur suggest would make waste time of pots
  8. Ofc +10 can have skill and be pros. But there is many ppl who call noob to low amps coz he can die in X secs or has low dmg. And as i said before, lyzois killed +10 character with lv 1 staff. That means, low amp doesnt mean noob. Just mean weak maybe, but NEVER noob. Noob or pro determine how u play with ur char and "counter" the tactic of rival anticipating. For example lock vs rogue. Fear hex arrow, in that point, rogue will be far on u and ge will jump. So if u keep circle and use in urself, he will jump to ur stun. Then u use pool for remove reflexes and move away to keep distance and still atk him.
  9. U can inspect "poiofrito" +6 +5 +3 +1 things And i killed donerayan, kalib mage, jjejie... Many of them, for example jjejie, is full +10 rogue. But hey, i still win him. So high amp doesnt mean u are pro. Pro= u know how to play as ur hero char. Hassn is just OP, not pro. And u can see hassn vs elasiri elasiri won 99% times. Both +10 and hassn full awards. That mean hassn is pro? Never. I killed hassndk easy, and lyzois killed him with lv 1 staff. And there are many guys who says u die in 3 hits; or u are noob. Noob who is winning this tour at #4 and in way to #3. I sont need full +10 for kill +10 characters but they need +10 for kill my not even full +6 character
  10. As i said, rich doesnt mean u are pro. Experience with lock make u pro. High amp make u op. Not confuse
  11. Hassn doesnt know how to play lock. He sont know even use permacircle stun, his staff is accu staff,not cd, hassn just spam skills no sensw, using circles in the mid of the enemy, nor using stonebody for remove hex or keep hismelf safe
  12. Srsly bds not overpowered, with +5k hp, 25-27% critical, +10% pene, +5k def and mdef, hitting a lock full +10 with almost 30-35% resi, 3.5k def and 4.5k hp, like 700 per hit or even more, and even if u hit him 0 coz they in shield, they can back u an op crit of 2k!!?? If bd hamstring u, means, if he is in 2 yards, u can say goodbye, 95% of ur hp will be sucked. And ofc what u do!!? If he hamstrinf and u atk him u will suicide, if not, u cant use skill tho so u will be eliminated in 3-5 seconds. Kill a bd with friends¿? In arena ok coz its teamwork, in pvp? They are on god tier over god tier. So in my opinion, they should change hamstring and merf counterstrake. Hams shd be able to use skills at least
  13. It havent got much sense if we think. Total %dmf in accesories for casters are 50%. Means a healer will heal 50% stronger, more less. So, if we put fero, and was 6% in cape, if amu same % and rings 4%, would be 20% total ferocity, and u wanna put 20% ferocity more against 50% magic, when u have an scroll with 24% fero more less already. If that, u would nerf healers, and make more op dmgers. If a bd with 1200dmg coz they has already 40% ferocity, add him 20% more, cmon. Make them +1500dmg by basic or even more with penetration and fero scroll. I know its a suggest, but in my opinion shouldnt be like this. Healers dont need deal tons of dmg, they are focused in survive (thts why arena ward armors are first bonus hp for caster), and killers has already op dmg, thts why arena award armors give them crit or def if its bd. Aslo, in chase of melee, arena accesories are 7*2+6*2 means 26%, ferocity would be 20%; do u think is less dmg? Ofc not; coz u can have more pene and deal more dmg than 20% extra physical
  14. I wanna explain, grimorie is not an useless skill. Let me explain. Every level studied in grimo, increases 20% the reduction of magic def, being at 4/4= 80% of magic reduction from his def. What that means? Well, if enemy has 4k magic def, u will let him in 800-1200 magic def, against ur magic def, that would be like +2.5k if normal amp or 3.4k of high amp. Aslo 4/4 grimo last (with 30%cd) too late. Means, i use grimo, and when grimo half coldown for use again, grimo effect in enemy ends. So, if we calculate, 80% mdef less, some pene and ferocity, we dealing op dmg in a single enemy. Aslo, grimo reduces physical def, tht would help ur parters to focus and kill enemy
  15. In my opinion, taunt shd be in area. I know we already have in expert, but i mean basics taunts. It should last longer. Taunt 1/5 i think just take 3 hit from boss or mob. Aslo, sometimes fail if rogue deal insane dps on boss, making taunts useless. So, more duration, in area and 100% efective, independt how many dng does the dps on boss
  16. If experts has bit cd with other cds is for one reason. Imagine lock can use circle hex grimo and after fear amd full masacre. Or barb, in charge chop shield trike defeat. Tht lil cd when u use an expert and after use it, it let u time for "counter" (stunning for example) an enemy before he kills u. Ive seen palas with spear full magic instakilling in 1 combo 3 secs. If no cd in expert when u use an expert? In 2 secs u would die. Aslo i agree with roland, there are many skills right now. I would put new skill when lv 28-30 update comes. (and i suggest here an ultimates skills)
  17. Well, as all should know, a pro lock can win "pay ti win" ppl, pro locks no need to have pro amp to become "pro" pro= smart and know to play op= over powered (high amp). I know some pro locks in eu, i think lyzois, lastlock, psychow, unforgivin, nutlock and aslo me (well, i think xD, i have played lock since kabal was in secret sanctuary) so guys, vote for ur best locks in eu-us servers!
  18. I respet ur idea but maybe the new players if they install warspear and start to play in that war time, maybe they would think there are lv 26 enemys from beginning, getting killed by them. So maybe they dont like that and uninstall coz cant do their quest in peace till they equip with greater equips and amp them... Would be unfair for them. Dont u remember when u was doing quests in caravan in peace, thn a wild elf appear and kill u with no reason? Imagine that but in massive
  19. That locks skill would be pvp skill. Boss 100% resist that skill. Then shaman maybe a lighting storm tht can stun and deal dmg (as acid rain but not poison, stunning) maybe @heavybowus?
  20. Well i was thinking about ultimate skills, actives, pasives or pasives that must be activate (like dark shield of dk) tgose ultimate skills are unique, must be buy by 80k. Aslo camt be studied (1/1 always) so, some.ideas Bd: summons swords tht dance arround u and deal dmg for a shaort time (passive. 1 yard. 40 sec coldown. 15 seconds of skill) druid: summon a tree. All party members near in tree cannot be debuffed, and aslo up reg hp. (40 sec coldown. 15 seconds of skill) ranger: all targets who are 3 yard away from u, u have more chance to deal critical in them. (passive) (if 1enemy is close to ranger, ranger will get normal % crit, but if other is away, will increase criticak chance against the far target) pala: heal to all party members some % of ur max hp, and giive them some % of ur def. Targets need to be at least in 5 yards for be effected(coldown 40 secs) mage: every time u cast dmg skill, reduce in 2 seconds all other skills Priest: become invencible u and ur pt for short time (8 seconds) (all ur party and u cannot atk or be atk) (1 min coldown) dk: increase all ur party def and magic dedby 40% (10 seconds) (coldown 40 seconds) lock: mark enemy prepare for death. All times u cast the spell, put 1 stack. If that stack reach 10, deal 80% of max hp of the target ignoring def. Stacks cannot be removed. (30 seconds coldown) necro: revive an ally with 40% of his hp and 10% of his enery(cost 60% hp) Barb: for each enemy near, ur def is increased by 1k. Max 10 enemys shaman: summon a shamanic totem. That totem increase ur harmony, heal regeneration and def. Aslo, it reduce in half harmony and hp regeneration to enemys rogue: every time rogue deal dmg in the back, it will be incremented
  21. If reflection, its less dmg than counter, not explosive dmg. Aslo if u have good life steal or u can heal, u would survive more for example, if bd 50% reflect. And u have like 25% life steal. U deal 400, it relfects 200 but u recorver 100 by life steal, so total dmg 100 by counter
  22. Most bds can kill u 1 combo hams strike boom= dead and counter help them. Counger shd give a % of retribuition. It would work always i know, in every dmg. But now less dmg coz make them hard dmg is hard coz they are tanks, so hardly u will get +400 by retri if 4/4 counter change the % of counter the atk to % of retribuition (60% for example). I would be glad coz ur life steal, and heals will make u survive more than that counter who can crit easy 2.6k in casters. Aslo i suggest c but u may be able ro use skillshange something in hamstring. It lock u
  23. Im agree, its a shame get killed so fast. Rename blade dancer to axecounter dancer lmao.bd counter is 24/7 even with full stun lock. And aslo in case counter gone, ur mana will be easy drained for disable bd till counter gone. I think counter shdnt counter magic atks, how an axe can counter a magic atk? Aslo, if bd is in shield, u deal 0 in him and he can counter u near 1.2-2.6k in crit. Aslo in my opinion, if.bd hamstring u, shd be able to use skills and for god, nerf bleed pls. Thats bleeds 300-500 and im tired to see bds with rogue armors for full crit lmao. I suggest counter gives a % of retribuition, tht would back dmg always, like 20% 1/4 30% 2/4 45% 3/4 55% 4/4. It would always work, its still for tanker, aslo works in pve, and it cant crit and i think % are well coz 50% of 1k dmf is 500dmg, so if u pvp against high amped dps u can back by that like +400 in every hit. And aslo if bd use shield+counter it shdnt counter atk coz he ddnt get hurt (i mean, counter 0)
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