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  1. It would work very good with last resources and dark shield ^^
  2. I think idea is like pala. Pala banner deal dmg and lower def. So dk totem maybe deal dmg and lower atk. With that at least dks could use maces or spears as mdmg in main dmg, coz those weapons not common to use in dks, just in palas
  3. Or he is under drugs effect or idk. Btw we all have "ignore" button
  4. Tht crys no sense to put. If u put.in rings u will lose harmony for get chance for win 10%dmg, cape or amu u lose crit, if helm or boots u lose accu or speed or cd, armor or gloves speed wisdom or pene or accu. Just has sense in shields, but accu crystal better than 5% more rage. Thts why that crys is garbage
  5. Nah? It has sense. Stun/silence = less skills= less dmg u take= more survival chance. Thts defensive skills. (shields/dmg reduction/heal are def skills too)
  6. Every skill tht help u survive, is defensive skill. Dealing dmg or not
  7. Yes, im serius. Dk has silence, stun, distance stun, vamp skill, shield skill amd last resources. All stun make enemies dont atk with skills. Barb has stone skin, roar and warcry(?) combat fury isnt level up, so just heal 500hp, and last wish can not work. Aslo barb has shield strike that can fail and its just level up in pvp. So, dk can make enemy shitty stunning and silencing, and has many survival. Amd barb has more dmg skills (in burst) remember barbs has both skills chance to stun till dk just have 1 skill with stun chance
  8. Im trying dont be rude with him :face_palm:
  9. Btw, many ppl want to "take it easy" for choose character. For example, fb isle is ultra fast to complete, very easy, and now bds ruling game (we can say that) so there is over populated bds coz they can kill.u in 2-3 secs if nice amped. Against that, necros lv up first their heal, so complete map.takes long for them. And aslo, they are pretty squishy if u dont have nice equips and being amped. Aslo even in arena ppl doesnt know how play necro and they die in a secs if u dunno how use. Thts why they arent populate. Necro takes hp every time he want heal shield panic or acid rain, and tht self dmg dealt, it slows u walking. Necro is only one who uses hp than energy in support skills. After that, necros has just 1 stun tht if anyone hit it break, and panic if u buy the expert, but comparing another healers skills, druids has many disable skills, shaman has heal totrm tht heal 600-800 to all near, and even priests get dmg and crit bonus, and skills for dont getting dmged till priest can heal himself. Thts the reason why necros getting low populate in legion side. Why u wsnt a necro tht can heal 2k of crit every 5-6 secs if u have a shaman tht can heal.+680 if crit and has heal totem healing 700-800 per tic and its 5 tics long? Aslo shaman has shield. And cd skill for heal faster. And better dmg than necro. Necro now just used for pit, infect and snakes? Oh! But many tanks can tank well even without pit. And locks already has grimo too.
  10. Ah, then why not add chicken costume? Being for example whitr chicken, brown chicken and real turkey. There are bears, cats, tigers, werewolfs... But i think got killed by chicken would be very fun (u can inspirate in fable 3 chicken costume) another, why not spartan armor (halo)? It could be many colours too..
  11. Or simply they could make that resi buff dont be affected in pve. Btw new buff could work, 1 stsr are regeneration, second are defs or hp, amd third is 10% dmg added and 10% resi if big war, with extra ap. Maybe or u make this resi dont work in pve, or change it for atk speed and coldown, tht will help too in pvp and dg
  12. Are u sure? Rage buff last in very short time, and gives 10% dmg extra if it works. But imagine, staffs crystals gived like 50 magic. If u medium amp, u shd have 430-480 if crystal. If u have 480 dmg using crystal, amd change crystal for rage, if crystal staff gives 50 magic, ur dmg will low to 430. Amd then add rage crystal, for add 4-5% mpre chance for get 10%. 10% of 430 its 43. U really want 43 added extra damage sometimes (because is a chance) than 50 dmg always? Pfc rage crystal shd be at weapon, as stun crystal is. But im not advice it, because u changing base dmg to chance to get 10% dmg.
  13. Dks has more stuns and defemsive skills than barbs has, shaman has x2 heal? Yes. But necro has snake, for bosses is rly.op and in pvp necro has pit, panic and 9 ducking secs nightmarr while shamans just have blind. And lock against rogue.... Easy for lock if its smart
  14. And aslo, i think.the harder character to play, better character is. So tht u.said abour barb>dk rpgue>lock shaman> necro i hope u only meam.coz first city is "hard" to level up. Npt hard, just need walk many time.. Hard isle.is lagmsard, there is one boss tht u can only get helped of someone has same quest. Im not necro player, but as being healer u need to care about protect ur party, even urself, same as tank, but tank doesnt die faster as necro does, and tanks has self heals. So necro is harder to play than tank in dg. Aslo most of his skills consumes hp, panic acid rain shield.heal.... So extra diff added
  15. Panchen, it edited. A joke. Tht skill dont exist. Aslo this skill domt appear in test server, and gm ddnt said about new skills update. So forget it
  16. It was fake @panchen. Its good and bad idea. As palas has banner, dk shd get a totem too. But "hex totem" too far for tank. Maybe a totem that deals dmg and decrease enemy dmg it would be better. But silence in area!? Pls xd
  17. I got blocked, like spartanu topic in support files got... Im poiofrito, i dont buy mcoins, i dont cheat arenas, im not hacker, im not an scammer, and i think i dont do something ilegal in warspear. Today i logged, for stop some arena against magnacarta. But after, went to shopcenter for get haricut, amd when i back home, surprise!, account blocked. Ive seen @Daria replyed and unbanned spartanu acc, wondering this dont happen again. But it happened and now to me, a nice guy im ws full legal, i even dont get free mcoins if its give problem. So pls, i hope you can solve that, i dont want to lose my character, ive played warspear from 4 years ago (before poiofrito i was a lock called darksalyer, and before tht, a dk called egulus, but accounts gifted to friends who got scamm, and those 2 times ned to left ws, but now i can play aswell) All was good, sept today. So pls, i wonder and beg u gms, whats wrong with my account amd why i got blocked for no sense
  18. Thts not headphone. Thts snow haircut, and that "headphones" are used to.keep warm.ur ears. And what dj costume? How u.could create it if dj meams.disc jockey, means u can wear all.shit.u want but if u domt have a mix table, u cant.be dj, so tha costume will not never come. BUT maybe, thet can bring costumes similas to deadmou5, or daft punk or something like this, as they did with conspirator of "x" from cc shop (V of Vendetta) or predator costume (predator films), masked maniac (Jason, friday 13) white hoodie assassin (assassins creed)and many other, like gingercookie costume from shrek film (jengi), or even jack skellington for nightmare befote christmas, greench, rudolph.....
  19. Necromummy, in US server, told me something. U.need 5/5 nightmare 5/5 heal 3/5 shield 3/4 pit and 2/4 panic ir 3/4 panic and 2/4 pit (depends of u) combo is Nightmare snake infect snake panic split mental. When imfection fimish, use nightmare again, heal snake shield panic snake split pit. And continue
  20. Go for druid. Wgo cares more or less dmg skills,if u will down enemy soon or later. Aslo, druid can permastun easy, as lock does, but with heal and need to be near enemy. Blind hood against melees, but u can use root pool or even song if any melee reach
  21. Its just ham. Once u get hamstred, u cant move and do skill, and he will rape u using strike and sonic, and if u hot him it can counter ur hit. If bd start eith another skill (sept getting lucky using rush and stunning), they just meed hamstring u for kill u. Thats why i said they just need use 1 skill... Lmao only do hamstring is x3 ticks 400-500 if not crit xd
  22. 4/4 infecr is more effecrove am last longer. When skill explote, just enrmies near eill reieve dmg to, so 3*3area. I dunno the percentages, but it will be very good for technopolis; aslo if u combo ot with lock 4/4 grimo, that down 80% of the magoc defense
  23. But then? PvP= player vs player. 1*1. Arena is another thing, in it ofc u work together for kill bd but still, so if i want pvp i cant pvp against bd coz if he hamstring= u die? Isnt a lame? Most class need +1 even +2 combos rotation for kill someone. Bds just need do hamstring. Thts not lame?
  24. Rpgues weakness: they havent got stun skill (not meaning gouge, coz if u hit it break, and it aslo can fail). Blade dancer no weakness. And aslo, if u can see, theyre depending of healer. Bd with lifesteal can heal solo, same as palas, barbs, dks, they r supposed to tank, not for heal. But still sept pala and barb they got pseudo heal skill, and sept bd that just work depending lifesteal, but trust me when bds healing +240 per hit just by hitting.. Ofc mages are necro are more "supports" in dg, coz lock help to tank stunning mobs and controlling area, and mages help to kill fast in area. But it still lacks, coz they have cloth armor, so their def max ive seen was 5-6k with barksin 5/5. In pvp, lock depends of stuns&kite for survive, dont know well as mage. But i think, all know, once bd or rogue got u, ur hp will down in 0 secs. Rogues depends dodge stealth and gouge. Barbs depends shield and charge; lastwidh and battle fury. Bds depends counter, vamp, shield, rhat expert tht gives dodge and accu, dk depends stuns ans vamp, shamans necros priests depends their heal skills and some stuns (in priests, depends how many energy u can drain them). But whats the point for rangers, locks and mages? Ranger are supposed to almost instakill and enemy, tht only happen against clothes armors and still hard, right now bd is better dmg dealer than him, locks depends stun, and if circle fail coz area bug, bye bye (ofc u have stonebody. But u cant do any skill and enemy will spam ur location for rape u instead u left stone) and mages doesnt have nothing. Thts why i say mages and locks need pseudo heal skill.
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