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  1. I think after they changed and netfed to boss (i see relic still affect but doesnt work) its bugged or something. Relics says skills used gona loose 10% hp. Skills, not 1 skill, and last 7 secs, not after 1 skill. Maybe they shd change. It remove 10% hp against enemy faction, and 2~5% to bosses
  2. Well, i ddnt know where put that topic so ive decided here. It has 15% chance to curse enemy for 7 secs, and he looses 10% of his max hp if he uses and skill. Well, questions. 1) It gone after use 1 skill? 2) what happen if u curse an enemy that its below from 10% of his max hp, it will be like necro (cant heal or shield, in this chase, cant do an skill) or he can do an skill but after, suicide?
  3. Or that, or add effect to daggers (daggers dmg will be improved deoending ur atk speed stat, meaning if u have 30% atk speed u will deal 30% more)
  4. Aslo, as atk speed, will only work on basic atks. Amd u will say oh, but now i will atk slower. Yes, but if u are dagger user, u will have more chances to do second extra hit than axes, that will get nerfed by that coz they will atk slow. Aslo more in pvp, coz rogues will not use kronus set, and techno axes are for pve. So there is 1 extra point to daggers
  5. So if u hit 600 u can have chance to deal 120 instead adicional. If ur first atk was crit, second will crit too
  6. They should change atk speed to "probability to hit twice, being this atk 20% of less than ur maximal dmg Atk speed is good but underated
  7. Edit: Itzblack, Lyzois, Poiofrito, Totolock (alphabteic order)
  8. And ita oke, im pvp/mix loxk, inspect poiofrito at eu-emerald. Lyzois (xmasteer), totolock and me are elite locks
  9. I can low from 7k mdef to 2400 mdef with 15% relic mdef less and grimo 4/4
  10. Well, relics. Its bit gay warlocks can amplify rifht now wirh 2 type of relic (red and purple) till healers can use 3, tanks can use 3 and ecen mage can use 3, rogues and rangers 3 types aslo. Which relic shd we use in arrow? If pvp overwhilhim If pve less magic def (dot is good but has low chance, aslo depends in which u want) Those as red relic Purple reloc in arrow? Pvp or pve, xhance to reset skill (yes, u can do like 5 arrows in a row if u are lucky ass). That relic will help to give more chance to activate red relic in arrow, because u can spam more arrows. Relics in exhaust. Red: silence. Pvp or pve idc. Exhaust deal 3 ticks, that mean x3 chance to activate relic. If 3 chances sucess, is 6 secs silenced coz it restart debuff. Purple: improve critical by 8%. It gonna give more dmg, and heal can crit too Relics in circle: Red: low mdef relic. VERY USEFUL AT BOSS. well, u gonna say lol, but dark circle has resist to boss. Ye, but thx of that it resist all time till dark circle end, and every resist is chance to activate a relic, so every dark circle in boss will activate the red relic Purple relic: dispelling. This one remove random buff in enemy. At boss, as i said before, it gonna be 100%, so u gonna remove all buffs of bosses Pool. Red: reduce atk speed (help to tank better) Purple: increase penetration/dmg/crit it gonna be useful Fear: same as dark circle relics
  11. Basic skilla as always 3/5 arrow 5/5 circle 5/5 fear
  12. Well, if u will go to pve lock, its more less same build as pvp. Just change experts. U must have grimo 4/4, it low too much both def, and will help ur entire party. Then, if u go full pve, u have 2 choices. Or max sphere (u will deal pretty dmg if u have many energy amount, but when u spamm skills, sphere gonna suck in dmg, so if u are energy pot user, i recomend) or max relaxation (well, most ppl rhink it sucks. But with this new aggro system, u shdnt get touch constantly, and at boss u will deal more dmg constantly than sphere). If u head to mix lock, go for 4/4 grimo 4/4 new skill, coz it affect to boss, and has nice stun, and if u wil go to stunner lock, hex and new passive (not recomended) this build ia for SUPPORT in arenas. U can make 2 ppl hard to do any skill. Grimo wil help u more to down any character, thx of fero system. As lock, u should focus in coldown, hp, life steal and crit (in this order) locks dont need much pene since they have grimorie. Locks deals too much dmg by dots, so cd for cast faster and crit and life steal gonna help u to sustain. Take at least 30% coldown, 10-15% life steal +3.5k hp, 2-5% pene enough, 18% crit enough for me, but u can go more, try to get +50 harmony +280 energy I hope i help u, after work gonna explain which relics u should take so be patient
  13. Well, halloween is near, and as all, i dont wanna see old halloween update. What i suggest? -Rides (i know this old but its still fun) with new costumes and stams as before -new cc costumes (wereolves and bulls was old, maybe new costumes would be very good) -i remember a halloween, where u could drop costume hunting arlekin, punchinello and those 4 clowns, and before access here, u ned to get joker card at secret sanctuary. I liked too much that, why not make it again? Maybe with another 4 good minibosses or even bosses? -Fredde krueger costume (lmao we can get jason, why not freddie? XD) -Update life steal weapons -dg halloween: last was from wally the puppet. Need to activate levers and if one partner forger one he is ducked or he can duck the party. Was getting bored. But, i have an idea. Darkness! Visibility is reducted once u enter in dg, u can see only in 5 yards (no minimap aviable). But near at entrance, u could touch a candle. Then u can see 1-2 yards more, and minimap. But that candle will end fast, so u need to be faster. Eveey zone has candle to take. Mobs? Maybe as technology mechanics, by waves, could be good.
  14. It worth to lev up, and im playing lock for 4 years. Ladtlock from EU has it 3/5, amd full lifesteal. He drain a lot of hp, with pretty coldown and dmg
  15. I have 30% coldown. Skills its 23-24 secs coldown for me. When i used, it long till half cd. So 12-14 secs at 4/4
  16. I think it gonna be in a big war day, or near halloween update, because we are almost there
  17. 20 40 60 80% 1/4 2/4 3/4 4/4
  18. Life exhaust isnt waste of skill. Woth new update, u can add relic that can improve the range of exhaust (from 4 ro 6 yards) and a relic that can silence 10% chance. 3 ticks mean 30% chance silence. Aslo, it drains good at 4/5. Ppl was not leveling exhaust coz now it can dodge, amd first reason was because 4 yards its low for a caster. But now? With bd counter, and new passives?? If u going to lev 28, and u have OP COLDOWN, i suggest u change arrow for exhaust, i will heal decenrly with good lifesteal too. There is 2 "shitty" skills in lock. Power of relax (shd not end if get hurt) and bloody tribute (u must use when enemy cant use an skill, othwerwise u will not remove a shit of energy and u will not deal dmg aswell
  19. Nope, grimo its better. Coz it low enemy magic def and phys def. Mean all ur party will deal more dmg. Aslo, it not gives 40-60, it gives a %, 9-10% i think, and gives like 8% crit at 4/4
  20. Well, read about whats diff between poison 1/4 and 4/4. Ninja said it before. I was not trying to spam. And yes, thought i could 78%, but only was 68%. And with relic and exterm effects, i can perma kick. Poor or rich idc, i have more less same dps than 1k dmg rogue axe user, he shd be +9-+10 and im +7+8. Aslo my def its 2.2k amd less rhan 1.5k magic. Ad i said, im lock user, u can ask magnifica we pvped for test and my rogue is PvE (i repeat, if not clear) And thats not senseless crap. Jist different thoughts. Why a lock up fear than pool, if pool has nice dot and mamy crit, aslo in area, cant be dodged and fear can broke? Because u need fear to survive. Why i preffer up exterm than poison? Because exterm gives 40% cd in 4/4, mean fast skills, so fast dps and survive skills. Why i up reflexes rhan jump? Coz its another way to survive. Ddmt u heard all muscle is nothing if u havent got brain?
  21. Look, 57% with no relic of 10% chance to get 20% more dodge. But im dreaming
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