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  1. Im super calm sister. I just dont like to be accused by something i didnt do. the same way u didnt when ppl called u photoshop. But im not going to argue in facebook... Like everyone else, i just want to win free coin coz they are expensive and i like to amp my chars. But i got mad coz i have nothing to do with those likes. And so, ur free to dont count them in my pic. Ty.
  2. And about fake likes u can see it in more than one contestant, só f.o to the ones that r blameing me or them. Im só surprised about fake likes as u guys are. Just cuz i had a lot in my pic didnt mean it was me or the ones that have it.-.- to be honest i dont know how to make them. And there are a few haters/stalkers in those photos, like that "linite dragoste" so my oppinion is that u guys figure out how to clean them. Cuz i didnt ask for a single neither cheated them. And i dont want also the special prize of 10k. And if theres someone cheating in my pic to call me a cheater and win after all
  3. Yo, r0land, theres a few constestants which im one, with some likes on their photos who seem fake. And some had acuse me in my photo. I dont have the knowledge or time to do that. Would u explain me/us, what likes are those and why tf im the accused one? *Z* . Ty
  4. Neith Blade dancer lvl 20 BR-TOURMALINE (dunno if ya need it, its in the rules)
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