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    Djfromhell reacted to Zurp in Fullscreen mode?   
    The fullscreen mode works well. Didnt have any issues with that other than it popping back to windowed mode when pressing alt+tab.
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    Djfromhell reacted to TraitorV in Blood on Dinalt Knights?   
    Wow... Haven't done it in my whole life. :O
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    Djfromhell got a reaction from TraitorV in Blood on Dinalt Knights?   
    Did anybody ever complete this quest?
    I play for years now and this is the first time i did this and its by accident i noticed i had it when i was having fun in dinalt fort, and i never saw anybody try to do it in Puma fort, nor did i ever saw anybody trying to find party for that quest in chat.
    I think obvious answer here is that it takes to much work for 10 cc, but i ask anyway...

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    Djfromhell got a reaction from bkluesky in Old devs vs New devs?   
    So i understand forum has new admin Nihtgale so hello to you hope you read this topic
    Okey let me lay down what i was thinking about:
    So im doing event on snow island and i spam in chat for people to come event but nobody does and we fail it fast.It makes me think why? Why doesnt nobody come to this event? Its not to hard and gives good buffs and chance for vulcano custume.
    So i start asking friends why dont you like event? Most of them say because new snow island is bullsh*t.
    I ask how?What dont you like?
    They say its badly designed,hard to pass if you are not healer,and just has no character to it.
    And you know what? I have to agree with them.Snow island is very poorly designed.
    Its probably because devs had to rush it and get it out like right after horror event.
    But if you think about it horror event was same bad design only it didnt have groups of mobs murdering you all the time.And same was during spring i think we had horror and snow at same time but im not sure of that.
    So i turn back to Ayvondil design since is the newest not counting event islands.I study thru Ayvondil map and arenas and i have to say i dont see anything good about it.
    Im not talking about bullsh*t progression system on part 1 and part 2 where you gotta do daily quests to go dgs to progress,no im not talking about that,but thats a problem too.
    I want to take you long in past (before i played) when map1 was designed for Firstborn and Mountain Clan.You can see in those maps they are designed with care to give player full experiance of arenas,monsters,quests and more.
    Then go farther in time when Irselnorth was relesed.
    Ahhhh Irselnorth still the best place in the game even thou its 5 years old i think.
    Then go little further to Norlant Swamps.
    Ahhhh Swamp still the most annoying map in game,yet it still does much better job then all event islands+ayvondil,just because it lets player explore,it lets player figure quests out and its just super unique in design.
    Then little further to Astreal Labyrinth.
    Ahhhh Lab still makes people fail even thou people have expert skills and bigger lvl now.
    Lab is also different design in heavy focus on difficulty,but its not to bad if you have party where people know what they are doing.If you take noob tanks or healers you are doomed to fail.
    Lab gave lot of exp and good drops.
    Now i can talk on and on why Irselnorth is good but il just say few things.
    Rich arenas,good boss drops(for time before ayvondil),best part is Nadir arenas because it gives player that fear element on encountering much stronger player and without res statue they have to be carefull and think where to go,what to do,can i take him on,can i run away.And probably best part of Irselnoth is that you can freely go to enemy faction side and try kill their bosses,troll them and much more.
    And now we come to the part where i explain why topic is called Old devs vs New devs?
    So i want to know did map devs change in time between relese of Lab and Ayvondil?
    They probably did,because that is the only way i can explain why Ayvondil is so different,but different in bad way not good way like Swamp or Lab.
    Ayvondil prevents free explore by trying to kill players with status effect for crosing to enemy land???
    Ayvondil puts stupidly strong mobs that max lvl have problems with let alone lvl 22 who start doing it.
    Ayvondil splits it arenas in non pvp and pvp and thats stupid.
    Ayvondil is bad in many ways and no wonder its not very populated like Irselnorth which is 5 years old.
    New devs seem to take many wrong turns in designing Ayvondil and it keeps getting worse with event islands.
    We dont want liner islands where there is only 1 way to go,we dont want walking all the way to get to end of event or max lvl dg and when we die gotta walk all way back.
    Why dont they add more respawn statues?well because if you had one at max lvl dg and end of event then it wont be hard?
    Is this the way new devs are thinking???
    That is not very good.
    Now only way they can make ayvondil right if they do all good things i listed above for its last part.
    But judging the size of it its looks to be same bullsh*t as part 3 or 4.And if it happens there is just no hope to bring people on Ayvondil to stay like on Irselnorth and il have to say that Ayvondil was huge waste of time and resurses.Sorry devs its just how it is.You gotta improve to get good results.
    I dont think anybody made it to end of this topic but if you did You are awesome!
    I just hope devs read this and try to fix mistakes they made and improve the game.
    Now that i finish this topic i relize i have to go from start and read it ohhhhh 
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    Djfromhell got a reaction from Mercurry in [2016.21.31] Summary of the year in Warspear Online. Were you a part of it?   
    why didnt you do %players on each server not total?
    probably because eu emerald is 70%elf
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    Djfromhell got a reaction from TraitorV in Moonlight Greatsword!   
    So i have noticed that Technocraft Estoc looks same as Moonlight Greatsword from Dark Souls trilogy.
    Now why i post this in suggestions,well im a very big fan of Dark Souls having played all 3 games 10 times each and Moonlight Greatsword is one of my favorite weapons.Okay but what does it have to do with this game?
    Well when i saw it i got rly sad because looks so awesome and i cant have it because i play necro and not tank class to use it.
    So i suggest adding it as a skin for staffs.
    Now i know you are all like "wow hold on a sec mate.it would look very stupid if you use magic with 2h greatsword" and i know it may look little silly but wait there is a good reason to add it as a skin because in Dark Souls Moonlight Greatsword does (wait for it.....................................) Magic Damage.
    Yes you heard it,it doesnt do phys dmg only magic so why dont have magic users use it in warspear?
    If somebody on forum says devs cant do it because licence or copyright shit il just point at them and laugh because its allready in the game as tecno estoc.
     And i forgot to add that Moonlight Greatsword has a special attack .
    This attack basicly shoots out magic in form of blade wave,so if in warspear people ask how you can cast magic out of 2h sword i just say its called blade wave special attack
    Tnx for reading!
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    Djfromhell reacted to Omercix in hexorcism vs wings of attraction ride   
    I think 51 token was with buff but nvm its really nice job anyway
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    Djfromhell got a reaction from TraitorV in New rides?   
    Is it just me or are these rides very badly designed?
    I tried the ride where you gotta lure solars to die in many ways (staff/empty weapon/sword...) and can not get above 15 tokens and thats crap.Biggest problem is they dont obey you at all you can hit then up they go down a shit.
    The burn birds ride is also broken because takes 4 tickets and token reward is nothing.Ride is fun but reward not worth it.
    I dont do party rides because cant always find people for it.
    Simple fix to rides is token+++
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    Djfromhell reacted to Headcheese in Look of the game?   
    Hmm that's weird! Luckily it's not that big of deal nice vid on war btw.. Thoroughly enjoyed that and the music selection was dope too
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    Djfromhell got a reaction from Urscrewed in Infographic 2016!   
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    Djfromhell got a reaction from ColdFootedMole in Full screen tutorial!   
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    Djfromhell got a reaction from Akasha in Dj costume!   
    I think Aigrind should hire Ninja Owl as designer for event costumes!
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    Djfromhell reacted to Ninja Owl in Dj costume!   
    Better artwork, I guess?
    Since this topic's no longer evolving I'm abandoning it for now. Please use personal messenger if you wanna have a chat.
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    Djfromhell reacted to Ninja Owl in Dj costume!   
    Honestly, they aren't even that good. Mediocre at best. They're only supposed to crudely depict how the ideas would look in game.
    Let's leave designing to professionals, shall we?
    Thanks for the flattery, though.
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    Djfromhell got a reaction from ColdFootedMole in Dj costume!   
    I think Aigrind should hire Ninja Owl as designer for event costumes!
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    Djfromhell reacted to Daria in Dj costume!   
    Haha, that's a nice one!
    Despite all skepticism, we really appreciate new ideas (concerning costumes as well) and it's simply great from the personal point of view when players enjoy the game so much so that it inspires them to create different things themselves.
    I'd say don't stop, Ninja Owl!
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    Djfromhell reacted to Ninja Owl in Dj costume!   
    Noted. I'll do it tomorrow.
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    Djfromhell reacted to TraitorV in Dj costume!   
    This costume is the best one I've ever hear about! Add this please. @Daria what do you think about this, does it have any chance to be released?
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    Djfromhell got a reaction from TraitorV in Dj costume!   
    I need a dj costume in this game because if you have headphone haircut there is no sense in not having dj costume.Its very simple jeans+black shirt and headphones!
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    Djfromhell got a reaction from Morgana in Dj costume!   
    Thats awesome just dont make guy bald and add a picture or letters on shirt and new skin is done.
    I can see myself wear this.
    I look beautiful.
    And people listen my music.
    I feel beautiful.
    Im an idiot
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    Djfromhell reacted to Ninja Owl in Dj costume!   
    Like this?

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    Djfromhell got a reaction from Nosotraes in Arena Mode: Most kills wins   
    Very bad idea because +10 people gonna own your face.
    In temple of seals mode i won so many times agains +10 people cus if i can outplay them i can win,but in kill mode u suggest i would fail badly.Thats why i only play temple of seals because 2x2,3x3,5x5 are very unbalanced and some +10 people are always spamming and no chance to win.
    If they ever make kill count arena then it must be amp based matchmaking!
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    Djfromhell got a reaction from Nosotraes in New faction takeover!   
    So as we know in game there are fations like cl,maliat elfs...
    What if there are more factions we dont know about that came from far lands,and need a place to set up so naturaly they decide they gonna take over irselnorth and make it their new home.
    So we as habibats of irsel must defend our home and our island.
    Now gameplay vise i have a good how can this work.
    Random arenas of map can get invaded by mobs (unknown faction) and we as players must kill them all before they (do something important in arena maybe something like in temple of seals stay in 1 area for to long or something else) and when all are killed 3-4 bosses from (unknown faction) come to fight.If all mobs and bosses are kill arena is secured and legion and sentinel players get random buffs,but if we failed then arena that (unknown faction) invaded will be hostile for next 2-3 days meaning if you enter there you will be attacked by mobs like in opposite faction towns.
    This is just a basic shower idea that can we very fun if added to game but it will still need fixing and polishing.
    Tnx for reading!
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    Djfromhell got a reaction from Ubaidlee in RIPDS   
    omg noob guild!
    oh wait im in it...
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    Djfromhell got a reaction from Dozy in Funniest warspear video ever!   
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