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  1. I could not find nay topic that says what can map 1 dgs drop so i ask you people? Most important is can i get ethereal catalyst and essence from map 1 dg?
  2. Omg yea i would want to see lvl 12 get rekt badly hahahahah
  3. If this is someting you do when you are bored then what can u do when u try rly hard
  4. I think Aigrind should hire Ninja Owl as designer for event costumes!
  5. Yup i want male skin its awesome!
  6. Thats all cool but i never liked any bad comments and i always have something to say about them,i stop when they stop
  7. I must be To many people agree!
  8. Hey ninja can you add new haircut and dark blue hair color to male dj skin.Haircut is in barber set,second row,first from the right. Tnx!
  9. Uhh listen if u gonna come here and talk shit just leave we dont need you here. Dont spread negative energy cus nobody likes it. I dont care if you care or they dont care when i see nice comments and see people like Ninja owl making skins and trying to make this game better and more fun in some way i see better part of humanity,but when i see you Gladiator and your childishly hate comments i see the bad part. So if u dont like what u read and see here then dont read or watch cus nobody cares about your opinion here.
  10. Nobody cares what u have to say! So dont say anything and go sleep kid hehe
  11. Skins are awesome so maybe gm should make them more ways like chosen suit there is like 7 of those why not have 7 different dj costumes
  12. You dont need anything but to be a dj lel. I play music from my phone to people once and it was good. I hope gm add this skin Ninja owl made, its just i dont know about blonde hair hmmmm, white,black,dark blue are better
  13. Thats awesome just dont make guy bald and add a picture or letters on shirt and new skin is done. I can see myself wear this. I look beautiful. And people listen my music. I feel beautiful. Im an idiot
  14. I need a dj costume in this game because if you have headphone haircut there is no sense in not having dj costume.Its very simple jeans+black shirt and headphones!
  15. Very bad idea because +10 people gonna own your face. In temple of seals mode i won so many times agains +10 people cus if i can outplay them i can win,but in kill mode u suggest i would fail badly.Thats why i only play temple of seals because 2x2,3x3,5x5 are very unbalanced and some +10 people are always spamming and no chance to win. If they ever make kill count arena then it must be amp based matchmaking!
  16. So as we know in game there are fations like cl,maliat elfs... What if there are more factions we dont know about that came from far lands,and need a place to set up so naturaly they decide they gonna take over irselnorth and make it their new home. So we as habibats of irsel must defend our home and our island. Now gameplay vise i have a good how can this work. Random arenas of map can get invaded by mobs (unknown faction) and we as players must kill them all before they (do something important in arena maybe something like in temple of seals stay in 1 area for to long or something else) and when all are killed 3-4 bosses from (unknown faction) come to fight.If all mobs and bosses are kill arena is secured and legion and sentinel players get random buffs,but if we failed then arena that (unknown faction) invaded will be hostile for next 2-3 days meaning if you enter there you will be attacked by mobs like in opposite faction towns. This is just a basic shower idea that can we very fun if added to game but it will still need fixing and polishing. Tnx for reading!
  17. lel i saw a ranger to so much dmg to flag in legion and i mean a lot like 3k crit to it.I think that was only war elfs got 3 star.
  18. I know you guys see it as unfair or shit but until gm ban life scrolls on wars i will consider it a proper tactic.If u mind it so much you should try it to.
  19. I think a new video contest is great idea,and we totaly need it! Last time i think i was campfire story something.Now u can do something different like best moments,funny moments,against the odds moments... I think story mode video is not bad for contest but it will be more fun to keep recording all the time and try to catch that one moment u need like i said above "against the odd moments" u run around and kill 5 people solo,u dont know when is gonna happen so u record all the time and you are ready! Just a tought!
  20. Djfromhell


    omg noob guild! oh wait im in it...
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