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  1. From an outside perspective, all I’m seeing is admin teaming up with each other to defend the accusations with INVALID points. The admin are one sided and refuse to look into these topics no matter how much proof you provide. Considering the way that warspear is looking now compared to 2012-2015, it won’t be around for much longer anyways. #IronOut
  2. Why cant players that are 2 levels higher than the level of the DG get a drop from that DG? Example - My lvl 26 cant get drop from 24 dg
  3. Since server down can you just give all mcs war buffs?
  4. Are high levels still going to be able to enter the low level event boss areas? I couldn't even farm the level 20 event boss during halloween because high levels would come kill my party
  5. Did an increase drop rate for the black elm suit increase also? Or was THEMERCS just lucky to get 3 elms in less than 2 weeks? Its a little weird how they got 3 moderators in their guild and they are the only ones getting the costume drop. Come on now gm
  6. Anyone have test server links? My kik is greatfool
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