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  1. Are you kidding me? Obviously I meant none can hit an enemy while invisible and remains invisible.Also don't forget to say that this combo doesn't work if the rogue is being affected by gradative damage as well. I know rogues like the back of my hand. I thought it was clear that I'm not discussing combo or anything else here. I've noticed you havent read none of my comments. I won't waste my time here anymore.


    Hi Akasha,


    After reading though the comments here i've seen quite alot of people coming up with interesting points and counter-arguements.


    In one comment i saw you and another one point  out that warlocks could use similar skills to without losing invisibility, so i decided to try it out; as you can see in this video im about to post below:





    Needless to say, both druids, warlocks and any other class with the capability to use such skills without losing invisibility mode is an unfair advantage, especially in PVP. 


    I've seen druids using it in arena without losing invisibility, even when the players caught are rooted and under the effect of their DOT.


    i think it should be looked into for sure!

  2. Dear support team,



    On the 11.11.2016 i sent a Support ticket from my mail: Gs*******@hotmail.com in which i had issues with recieving the 26k mcoin package, which i bought on friday (160% sale)


    I just wanted to say that the issue has been fixed now, the Miracle coins arrived into my account on monday when i logged into my account; which means that there's no reason to go through my request anymore

    I assume the support team hasn't gone through my ticket yet, as i've gotten no reply back, which is why i decided to post this on the forums.



    If more information is needed feel free to contact me 





    Shadowtear - lvl 20 warlock

    US Sapphire


  3. After reading through a few of the replies on this topic i have come to the conclusion that the entire community here is toxic. Is it not possible to have a real debate without coming up with biased personal opinions while attacking everyone else who doesn't support your point of view? Quite sad to see how this community has plummeted over the years.


    Everyone seems to see things from their factions point of view, without having the ability to see it "in perspective." 

    Now this topic is a mere suggestion, where players and developers are supposed to come in with honest ideas and fixes which could benefit us all, which in turn - would make this game way more enjoyable. 




    With this recent update, the tides of war has dramatically changed - For the past 9-10 months of warspear; Noone can deny the fact that it was in fact, the forces of the legion who dominated the battlefields; The sentinels rarely won any wars, despite the fact that they vastly outnumber mcs depending on what server you're from.




    I see a trend going on here, where both factions or classes have experience their own "Golden Age" as updates are released. By golden age i mean timeframes where a faction / class gain an upper hand in different aspects of the game which may last for quite some time.


    Anyway, i'm not here to talk about "golden ages" of the past. I'm here to talk about another issue, which i feel need to be discussed by everyone - professionally.


    As Stuns and a few players on the mc side of the faction stated previously, the new "war event" has resulted in elves; especially on Sapphire - coming in and camping at T4 for hours at a time, with mcs having no chance whatsoever in defending themselves. Due to the overwhelming forces of the sentinels constantly spamming in their AoE skills. This is a complete game killer - when you're dead there's nothing you can do ingame.


    Demanding Arena is impossible when you're dead, And quickly teleporting to another location doesn't work either - due to the sheer amount of Aoe spells and stuns constantly hitting Legionnaires from the respawn statue. 


    I honestly don't care about who ends up winning a war, because i'm quite certain sometime in the future - New updates may favor legionnaires which ends up with them winning wars, and vice versa. 


    All i want are open suggestions / debates on how we can minimize / reduce the chance of something like this happening, without players here attacking each other with biased and personal opinions. Holding a debate / giving suggestions is all about keeping it proffessional, while having the ability to see the "problem" from the opposite point of view aswell ; This way i'm certain we could all come up with a good solution that would benefit both parties regarding this issue of elves camping at our towns.




    US - Sapphire

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