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  1. Hips is the body part that women can shake to be sexy. Mmh that applies to almost everything in a woman actually, this And again, I didnt stop attacking, you won fair and square (thanks to my tips =P ).
  2. 3-2 thanks to my tips about how to play a mage :P And whyy we had to take the ss without cape, impenetrable set looks so girly, look at my hips .__.
  3. "only once a year" o.O Well cmon, girls do it once a month and they dont complain much ;D Good thing that you consider blood the liquid of life anyway, may have been an awkward cerimony with other life liquids ^_^
  4. o.O Better dont call Buffy to your anniversary
  5. Can i have my forum name changed to Léò Àcq please?
  6. Its the forum equivalent of wearing a scarf made of ostrich feathers xD
  7. Merc ffs, its one of the oldest rule of the internet, you should know.
  8. I thought you were brazilian, dunno why o.O Anyway, about what EVERYONE is thinking, I have CSIed the fùck up and found an answer: It isnt.
  9. That's not very Mercuriallish, he must like you :give_rose:
  10. xD kinda true, except it was my BD's area chat today
  11. Mhh you cant consider crit healing only on necros. With a crit of 20%, in 48 sec, a necro will heal 6 times, with one critical, circa 4200 hp, while a druid 16 times, 3 crit, 3800 hp. Again, not much difference. Root > bam bam bam > when root is going to end Bees > run > repeat, I really dont understand why rogues are so problematic. And a 1500 crit 1-shotted you? :/
  12. As said by Merc and Arky, its unlikely to see a necro healing 750 hp in pvp set, most common heals are 600 for necros and 200 for druids. Over 24 seconds, a necro will heal 3x, 1800hp, a druid 8x, 1600hp. Not much difference, definitely not "way more heal", and a druid using roots can keep his opponent without heal, which cant be done against him. Most important skill to lvl up for druids isnt bees, but roots, thats what makes you win against other healers. Ok in an open area and using crossing a rogue can kill a druid, but I was talking about 1vs1. I know the "lag" caused by being caught in a trap, but simply click on yourself and the problem is solved. Traps are hardly an issue when against a ranger. My post is a rainbow, I knew using colours was a bad idea :facepalm:
  13. It's kinda the same, just instant vs over time heal Roots and bees works better than earthquake and blind, that's why a druid is slightly better than a shaman 1vs1 Err ever tried to root one after they atk you from stealth? ???
  14. Mmh Im not getting it, how location list blew up your position? You had to go on the island to check Kratt health, right?
  15. As the evil queen from Snowhite story, I too have a talking mirror. And if you ask him "Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the prettiest of them all?", he magically replies "The ♥♥♥♥ I know, but Hornig is the gayest of them all for sure".
  16. also known as "How I Made an Innocent Bridge Look Gay"
  17. Dont start another drama pls .__.
  18. #mustquote Signature is what is under your messages, not at the left. duck off, I was trying to help ya .__.
  19. Dunno if its just me, but your signature sucks as I see it from my pc
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